Ryanair flights to become casinos, may also fly some place

The day of the week has a "y" in it, so it must be time for more Ryanair news, courtesy of Sky Captain O'Leary. What more could the man possibly do to strip passenger pockets bare? He could let them play Blackjack, obviously. The chief executive has said that the budget airline will soon be offering passengers in-air gambling on some flights.

Although the minutiae of the deal has yet to be ironed out, O'Leary claims that it's all in the name of keeping those air fares low by raising extra revenue. It'll also help stop Ryanair's fortunes sliding further into the red; Ryanair recently reported annual losses of £155 million, compared with profits of around £400 million for the previous year.

Gambling Online reports that for the in-flight gambling system to be operational it must take place in international airspace, since the killjoys at the UK Gambling Commission won't issue premises licenses for aircraft. However the Sky Captain (rumoured to be promoted to Sky Marshall as early as Tuesday next week) has said he doesn’t see any issues. It's expected that Jackpot Joy will be supplying the gambling services since they already provide cash prize competitions on the Ryanair website.

What do you think? Would you welcome the chance to play a few hands of poker on your way to Barcelona*?

* Girona or Salou, not actually Barcelona


  • dunfyboy
    Maybe if they weren't so shite more people would use them. There's a radical idea to raise revenue.
  • pauski
    If the girls in the photo is a sign of the new company uniform, well I could not refuse. I see why the toilet payment idea might be needed.
  • no,I'mspartacus
    Why doesn't he just turn off all the lights on the boarding alleyway and have his staff mug the passengers as they board.
  • anonymous
    I got to say I have stop using ryanair as they allways seem to rip me off with hidden costs... Last time I needed to fly I booked with BA, probably paid a bit more then I would have with Ryanair but at least I did not got stressed trying to figure if I would be robbed during the booking due to hidden costs, plus I did not have to worry about weird luggage limitations/costs with BA. I find With BA what you see advertised is what you pay. Search a bit in advance with BA and you will find fairly low cost flights. With regards to allow gambling in planes... that sounds like troubles to me, has anyone actually asked what would happen if someone loses it after losing their money in gambling? I dont think I would personally feel very safe as a passenger in such electrified atmosphere...
  • Masood S.
    I travel a lot and always give this airline a wide berth if at all possible. I have turned down work in Europe where they are the only airline flying there from my local airport (Stansted). That Space Cadet that owns Ryanair deserves a slap in the chops for the monstrosity he has created. With all the add-ons and such, they are not actually cheap.
  • Paddy
    I can't stand the cunt but I'm flying from Bristol to Dublin in August for £2 return including all taxes. Obviously that is hand luggage only but having endured the ordeal of waiting for a fucking hour to drop off my bag at Ryanair's 'bag drop' on Monday in Dublin Airport (1 person to check in bags, sorry, drop off bags), I won't fly with Ryanair again if I have to bring luggage. However, for a short weekend away, £2 is pretty impressive when you consider that you'll pay 4 or 5 times that price just for an inflight meal with a charter airline. Go to Halifax, get a basic electron card and use it only for booking Ryanair flights-that's what I do with it. It took very little time to get one of the cards as well as they're usually for pikey unemployed people with poor credit ratings. BTW, did I mention that I can't stand the cunt?
  • Johnny T.
    i hate you all
  • Theresa M.
    We flew with Ryanair in March the return fare for the both of us was £163 (quite reasonable) Birmingham to Murcia (spain). My dad became serously ill back in England and had to return home the day before we were supposed to. For single fare home for the two of us Ryanair charged us £700. Says it all, they have no heart.

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