Ryanair flies to the rescue of Sky Europe passengers

No sooner does a budget airline spiral into a fireball of financial doom, than another sniffs the rich, rich scent of a PR opportunity and offers to help the stranded holiday makers. Yes, three cheers for Ryanair! Within a day of Sky Europe going to the wall and suspending all European flights, Sky Marshall O'Leary has announced the €25 Skyeurope Rescue Fare!

It's not a bad thing as far as the affected passengers are concerned, so we'll wind our necks in for just a moment. The fare applies on flights to/from Bratislava to Alicante, Barcelona (Girona), Brussels (Charleroi), Rome (Ciampino), Liverpool and Stansted. The €25 fare includes all taxes and fees, it must be booked through a particular page of the Ryanair site, and passengers must quote their SkyEurope booking reference and bring the same reference for verification at the airport check-in point. All fair enough, really.

That's not to say Ryanair couldn't resist having a pop at the competition or those passengers that don't book their flights with the Sky Marshall:

"Ryanair also pledged to assist with the repatriation of passengers who may be caught up in any future airline collapse and advised passengers that the best way to ensure travel plans are protected is to travel only with financially secure airlines such as Ryanair."

Thank goodness for the Sky Marshall. He can probably cure lepers with his hands of wonder, too.


  • FireMAN
    To the rescue my arse. All they have done is fill up their empty seats and made money out of peoples misery. If they had offered free flights home, then they might have been the knights in shinning armour coming to the rescue they are trying to make themselves into.
  • -Mike H.
    FireMAN - And pass up the opportunity to make about £5? Pah!
  • Dan
    I hate Ryanair as much as the next man, and this is also clearly a PR stunt, but ultimately this isn't something they HAVE to do, and I'm sure those stuck in Bratislava are more than happy to pay a measly 25 Euro. Saying that, I'd probably just stay in Bratislava. Lovely place.
  • yes H.
    just have to hope that nobody needs a piss onboard!
  • reel
    your 'particular page of ryanair site' link doesnt work
  • CompactDstrxion
    FireMAN Ryanair could probably have charged these folks at least double the 25 Euro asking price if they wanted to. If I was stuck out there I would snap this up like a dog with a bone. I say good job Ryanair.

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