Ryanair drop their increased baggage fees in September. Sort of.

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane liveryWell, if nothing else, you can't say Ryanair don't keep their promises. You'll remember when the budget airline announced their plans to increase checked baggage fees during July and August, all done to encourage passengers to travel lighter, obviously, rather than fill the pockets of Ryanair shareholders.

The good news is, as promised, once the summer months have passed, those fees will return to norma- I'm sorry, what? Oh.

Ryanair have announced its checked-in bag fees will return to €15 per bag and €25 for heavy bags for travel from 1 September onwards on all routes. Except international routes to and from the Canary Islands, where the prices will remain at €20 and €30.

"By increasing our optional checked-in baggage fees this summer the number of checked-in bags reduced while passenger numbers increased.

"Almost 70% of Ryanair’s Canary Islands passengers will be unaffected by these changes because they already travel without checked-in bags.”

Ah well, not to worry! More passengers chose to travel so obviously Ryanair won regardless. And you know what? Whisper it, but we're sort of on their side - you don't need a suitcase the size of a horse for a beach holiday. A suitcase the shape of a horse - that's a different matter, although you may be mistaken by customs for a drug mule.

Christ, I'm sorry.


  • Nobby
    Just turn up at the gate wearing swimming trunks and flip flops. All you need for a week. Maybe take along an empty bin bag, ideal for shoving in any purchases or for enhancing your manhood.
  • The B.
    You know what, I'd still rather pay the extra and fly with a decent company (Easyjet).
  • Stewie G.
    Looks like an angel bumming a young man bent over a suit case. You can actually see his cock...

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