Ryanair: doing quite well since becoming nice

Bitterwallet - Ryanair Charm-filled budget airline Ryanair has hiked its profit forecast on better than expected winter bookings and furthermore, they've also said they'll cut fares by 10% in Spring to ooomph up their share of the Europe short haul market.

The company also claims that they will carry 2.2 million passengers more than they'd previously forecast, in the six months up March.

Profits after tax for the first six months of the financial year were €795m, which stood at €750m last year.

Obviously, this turnaround is something to do with Ryanair getting their act together in the last year or so, trying to shake off their reputation as an unpleasant budget headache affair run by a complete and unswerving asshat, improving customer service and all that jive.

You can make more money if you don't treat people dreadfully, which is hardly stop press we know, but true. Complaints to Ryanair were down 40% and O’Leary said many of those were about the landing bugle, which they've now got rid of.

Ryaniar are far from perfect, but if they're starting to make a pretty penny from playing nicely, rather than hooting hardball, then we can only hope other problematic companies take a leaf from their book.

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  • Dave
    When did they become nice? Got any examples?

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