Breaking news - Ryanair cuts routes and jobs at Manchester

If anybody suspected Ryanair of smoke and mirrors last week, it probably wasn't Manchester Airport. The routes announced for Leeds-Bradford Airport don't duplicate those at Manchester so it made sense to have bases at both.

Now it seems Ryanair were playing another game. Amongst all the cheer of creating 1,000 new jobs in Yorkshire, Sky Marshall O'Leary was planning on slashing 600 across the Pennines. The budget airline has just announced that 9 out of 10 routes from Manchester will cease, following a dispute with the airport over costs.

Ryanair says the majority of its routes will either be closed, or distributed across other airports in the North of England, and stated it had offered the airport an additional 28 weekly flights if charges were reduced, only to have its offer rejected. The routes will be closed from the beginning of Octobe. Boo.


  • Nobby
    The company that owns Leeds Bradford also owns Pets at Home. So if your Ryanair flight is delayed, you might get to stroke a hamster.
  • Ian
    Would rather stroke a beaver.
  • Mike L.
    Can't wait for O'Leary to triumphantly appear on the BBC this time... what? Eh? Oh. Dispute over costs? That must be why they last week they quoted me £260 to fly to Dublin. Budget airline, my arse.
  • Bruno
    Well, that sucks. I know people in Manchester that will not be very pleased with this at all. The fact is there are things that make you want to hate ryanair, but with such cheap flights it is still better than many other airlines.
  • Nobby
    But people in Yorkshire will be very happy. We won't have to travel on TransPennine trains any more to get cheap flights.
  • Ian
    ...but then again, you still live in Yorkshire so...
  • Graham
    Ryanair quite simply are the pits. They like for you to believe that they're "budget" so they can get away with treating you like cattle. Shopping around and booking early can provide you with some half-decent airlines and flights. Aer Lingus for me to Ireland these days, BA even offer some half decent pricing...... even Easyjet well before any last resort Ryanair flights!
  • Kris
    Balls... Manchester was *much* easier for me to get to on the train than elsewhere... Does LBA even have a railway station? And does anyone north of Manchester have to troll across the city center (without metrolink with the current digging going on of course) to swap stations to get anywhere near?
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  • Inactive
    Manchester Airport also own East Midland Airport and Humberside Airport, are they next on the list?
  • Scoucer S.
    Bearing in mind that an awful lot of Ryanair's traffic goes to and fro from Ireland to its capital city (Liverpool), won't the moving of the hub away from easy commuting distance of 'pool be a big mistake?
  • dave
    According to a spokesman of the Aviation Environment Federation "Growth of CO2 emissions on this scale will comfortably outstrip any gains made by improved technology and ensure aviation is an even larger contributor to global warming by 2025 than previously thought," For me it's good news, I’m just sorry for those who will loose their jobs When you buy a £10 flights, you are supporting global warming
  • Nobby
    > won’t the moving of the hub away from easy commuting distance of ‘pool be a big mistake? They didn't duplicate the destinations from Manchester at Leeds Bradford. I thought they were likely to spread them around the other airports they use. So maybe they will move the flights from Manchester to Liverpool.
  • Mike
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