Ryanair cuts baggage charge as early Christmas present

ryanair1 Ryanair have gone and offered everyone an "early Christmas present" by cutting their excess baggage fee in half.

As of now, you will only pay €10 per kilo of luggage over the allotted weight limit, rather than the usual €20. This comes on the back of Ryanair's attempts to be a kinder company, rather than the sourfaced asshats who just loved to hit everyone with a raft of punitive fees.

Chief executive Michael O'Leary is determined to fix the image problem Ryanair have suffered from, and of course, the fact that their profits have been in a decline helped this new cuddly image along too. O'Leary told shareholders that they needed to "eliminate things that unnecessarily piss people off" and this latest price cut, as a spokesperson put it, was a "very sincere thank you" to passengers.

After a website overhaul, customer service improvements and the introduction of 'quiet flights' between 9pm and 8am, it seems Ryanair are taking this nicely-nicely approach seriously for the time being.

Ryanair's shares fell by 20% while their rival easyJet reported a 51% increase in pre-tax profit, so O'Leary would be wise to play nice as a recent Which!!! survey saw customers saying that his brand was 'hostile' and 'rude'.

Not that we should overly worry as O’Leary has also announced plans to step down in the next three years.

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