Ryanair come clean about stiffing their customers

Rebranding must be all the rage amongst airlines at the moment, because we've seen plenty of new-look planes recently. And today, official Bitterwallet reader Bill brought our attention to the new Ryanair logo. You might have seen it before, but we hadn't and that's good enough for us. Ryanair are, as we call them in the office, the gift that keeps giving:

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane livery


  • Ok
    Finally something funny on this site!
  • J
  • hank
    also seen at: http://www.ihateryanair.co.uk/ryanair-announce-new-logo-to-better-reflect-company-values/
  • Barack O.
    So true!
  • W
    Ryanair is the worst company that I ever seen, its like a piece of dog shit flying on the skies. Ryanair Have no quality, their airplanes is like trucks for pigs transport...sounds like an airliner for animals not for passengers, but i think the airliners in Us for animals transport are better than Ryanair. Ryanair is a joke they explore their workers and rape them. I REALLY HATE RYANAIR! Low Cost is one thing, Ryaniar is other thing!

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