Ryanair & Co now being forced include payment fee in ticket price

5 July 2012

ryanairBudget airlines (Ryanair, easyJet, BMI Baby etc) are agreeing that they are going to have to include the cost of paying by debit card in the headline price of tickets, finally putting an end to the scam that made it nigh on impossible to pay for tickets without incurring a charge.

The airlines were forced to make these changes after an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading. New rules ensure that they'll all have to explain any additional fee for paying by credit card up front, meaning that passengers won't get these extra costs sprung on them after going through the annoyingly lengthy booking process.

The OFT estimated that debit and credit card surcharging has been costing consumers £300million a year and the best way around this is to introduce new regulations so that ticket prices have to include all unavoidable charges. This means that Rynair won't be able to advertise a price that is only available to people who book with the seldom used Visa Electron or Ryanair's own branded pre-payment card.

This investigation came about as a result of a campaign by Which?!?!?!, which saw Ryanair lambasting the magazine as a 'useless and irrelevant "consumer magazine"' that was bought by 'less than one man and his dog’. In a typically irritating press release at the time, Ryanair said: 'Before making "Super Duper Complaints" the clueless clowns at ‘Which, Who or What’ magazine, should conduct some basic research. Ryanair does not levy any credit or debit card payment "surcharges". Even our administration fee is avoidable by passengers who use our recommended MasterCard Prepaid,' adding; "If it wasn’t for dentist waiting rooms or doctors' surgeries it is doubtful whether anyone even reads the useless and frequently inaccurate "Which, Who or What' magazine"."

Alas, it turns out that the OFT read Which?????!!!!! and have now slapped Ryanair's legs for 'engaging in prohibited unfair commercial practices', as well as committing 'breaches of professional diligence' and breaking airline regulations that require flight prices to be presented inclusive of all unavoidable charges.


  • i R.
    Stick it up the CUNTS
  • Inspector G.
    A quick look at the charges on Ryanair's website.....they're charging for oxygen now??!
  • Dereck P.
    Hope Ryanair gets the aids.
  • T.W.A.T.S.
    @ Inspector Gadget yes, but only one allowed per flight !!
  • Spencer
    How Long before Ryanair introduce an 'honesty' charge? Something along the lines of: "in order to comply with the useless OFT regulations, we have had to changing our entire pricing system and structure which has lead to us incurring great cost, it is with regret that we have to pass those costs onto you. As such, all flights now have an *optional OFT surcharge to cover those losses. Should you wish to complain or appeal... please send us a cheque for £10" * not optional
  • Spencer
    "also please be advised that to keep our fares low - we're raising our fares"
  • Spencer
    "Don't worry though, these higher fares are not non optional and should you not wish to not pay them, you can do so by not unticking this box: □
  • Seymour
    You missed out a 'to' in the title there, don't worry.. I'm here to correct your grammar all week.
  • Dick
    > that was bought by ‘less than one man and his dog’ So what, two bitches?
  • Thefunboi
    Unfortunately, all this has done has put the price up for everybody now. At least the more savvy of us could save the card/ admin fees by jumping through the hoops and having the wierd and obscure cards. If you werent clever enough to figure how to play Ryanair, then you deserved to pay the extra I say. Now all that will happen, is there will be an extra £6 per flight added on each way, FOR EVERYONE. Nice one Which!?!?!?!?!?

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