Ryanair charges most for in-flight food, nobody flinches

It's been a week or two since we talked about the good Sky Marshall and his fleet of flying wallet vampires, better know as Ryanair. It seems as good a time as any to put that travesty right; a survey by travel site NowFly shows the budget airline charges more than its rivals for in-flight food and drink in every category apart from spirits, which it doesn't sell. Ryanair charges 35 per cent more for tea and coffee, twice as much for a small bottle of wine and up to third more for sandwiches.

Remember it's all to do you a favour. You want cheap tickets. It's your fault. Shut up.

According to the Telegraph, Ryanair made a sizable £550 million from sales other than flights last year - stuff like inflight food, check-in fees, baggage charges and commission on everything it tries to persuade you to buy when all you want is a bloody ticket. A spokesman for Ryanair, dressed in a long cape of darkness uttered:

"Ryanair provides passengers with Europe's guaranteed lowest fares by providing a range of ancillary revenue services such as hotel, villa, camping and hostel accommodation, travel insurance, bus and rail tickets, car hire, gift vouchers, financial services and in-flight telephone services as well as in-flight beverages and food."

Despite it been nothing more than a fluffed-up PR soundbite of no substance whatsoever, the Telegraph cut and pasted it into the article anyway, instead of asking a question that might have vaguely challenged the PR monkey in a suit, like: "How the fuck do you get away with charging £2.70 for a bottle of water, eh?"


  • Derek
    Has nobody ever seen Airline? It amazes me that they have any passengers left!
  • Derek
    Or is that Easyjet? I'll get me coat..........
  • Paddy
    They do sell spirits and they have done for years. They're in those silver foil bags and they're a 'bargain' at BOGOF. Mind you, they're still dearer than what your local nightclub usually charges...
  • Bob
    I guess I've done around around 0.2% of my flying with Ryanair - a £155 return trip Luton-Normandy. The garish yellow plastic seat backs (for easy hose-down between flights presumably), the high price ticket and the astronomical price of inflight catering ensured that it was my one and only flight with them. Mind you Iberia operated the same ought for nought inflight regime. There is something fundamentally inhospitable and grasping about airlines which will not even give water away for nothing. As I found, Ryanair offers some cheap seats but also over-priced very bad value seats as well - its just that they keep mightily quiet about the latter.
  • Rob M.
    Seems I have joined the "Ryanair" hate club. Decided to have a cup of coffee at 3 euros.on the 29 Dec on my way back to Stansted from Memmingen. The cardboard cup was covered in advertising for the company Ryanair gets its coffee from some company I've never heard of Saille-Sagat or something similar.THE MOST FOWL BROWN TASTELESS SLUDGE I'VE EVER DRUNK. Yet another "O'Leary Rip Off " I should have realised the whole inflite team served a full passenger load in about 5 minutes.I reckon I was their only customer on that flite.Did they know something I didn't ???

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