Ryanair charge woman £236 for a piece of paper

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane liveryRyanair are, quite obviously, a bunch of arseholes. If they could, they'd cram passengers into their planes until the inside of the aircraft looked like the compacted food cement in Elvis' colon when he died. Ostensibly, they're working toward operating a flying steel sausage that carries human pâté from airport to airport.

Until then, they'll be charging us all for absolutely anything and everything they can. Just ask Suzy McLeod, the 'mother of two' (that's the Daily Mail's angle) who had to cough-up £236 just to print out boarding passes for her family so they could get home.

She took to Facebook to complain, which saw 350,000+ backing her up. Basically, everyone agrees that a person shouldn't be charged £236 by Ryanair for forgetting to print boarding cards

And there's loads of testimonials which show how unhappy everyone is with Ryanair. One passenger has said that cabin crew wouldn't let her have a blanket because of health and safety reasons… but it'd be fine to let them have one at a cost of £5. Presumably health and safety doesn't count if you pay the crew first. Erm, it was Monarch, not Ryanair.

Back to the boarding passes, McLeod didn't print off her boarding passes but did have them as pdf documents on her phone. That's not good enough, so she was charged a total of 300 euros (£236) to print out five passes for herself and her family.

Of course, Ryanair detail all this in their terms and conditions when you book with them, but really, that doesn't stop them being terrific bastards.


  • @Drainage_Eli
    Not this again. If she would have followed the clear instructions given when she booked she wouldn't have had to pay a penny for her boarding passes. She is clearly a fucking idiot. I hope she is banned from flying with Ryanair.
  • Alexis
    Isn't it actually £47.50 per piece of paper?
  • leeisgod
    Has she never seen an internet care, should have printed them there. Serves her right, read the rules and you won't get stung.
  • leeisgod
    Internet cafe even
  • M4RKM
    Shocking. Someone gets charged what they are told they will get charged if they forget the rules. She was in Spain? Maybe she hasn't heard of shops that will print stuff off for people, and because of that, she's a fool, and idiot, and deserves to have to be charged.
  • i R.
    Ryanair are a bunch of thieving cu#ts, no problem with that. However, it seems Ryanair are just putting a price on being stupid.
  • Tom
    Why is she an idiot? For being forgetful or for not reading the tnc fully? Ryanair have this unfair charge not because is costs £47.50 to print a piece of paper but to prey on people who forgot, lost or ate their pass. £47.50 is unreasonable and that has been highlighted. So she is going to leave the airport and find a shop/internet cafe to print out their passes? She'll miss her flight, tossers.
  • Law M.
    When you pay for a generally cheap, basic and no-frills fare, you know there are conditions attached. When I flew with Ryanair last month I got no less than 5 alerts to this: 1) Before confirming booking reminding me of the cost of not printing out boarding passes and excess luggage 2) In the flight confirmation e-mail 3) In the e-mail that told me check in was available online 4) Whilst checking in online advised me that I must physically print them, with it specifically saying mobile based ones would be refused ALL of this was in capital letters and at the top of every e-mail, including in the subject line. If she had time to check in online, she had time to print. Still, good on Ryanair. They get €300 and free publicity from somebody incapable of reading big sticky out warnings from a company who has been constantly in the media for similar things!
  • Bill B.
    No sympathy from me. Whatever next... "Woman told not to put cat in oven, puts cat in oven, sues Bruce Forsyth"?
  • Samantha
    Rules or not, exactly why wasn't a digital copy good enough? Do they retain them? Or is it just a rule for rules sake, so they can screw people over, and help destroy the planet just that little bit more into the bargain?
  • Thomas
    Whilst the fine is a excessive but lets face facts, would you try get on a train with no ticket? Would you go to a music concert without a ticket? Would you go to the theatre without a ticket? In most of these cases they would make you pay for the ticket again. I bet the cost of the flights was more expensive than 300E. On another note Bitterwallet needs to get their facts right, the blanket incident was Monarch not Ryanair.
  • Mr M.
    This idiot tax means their flights cost less for those of us that can read, thanks Ryanair and all the stupid bints who can't find somewhere to print boarding passes because it might actually mean learning a word in another language.
  • Sicknote
    Dappy fucking tart won't forget that again anytime soon will she. I hope here husband leathered the shit out of here for forgetting something so bloody simple. In fact I put this in category as the disckheads that show up at the airport with a can of cat food instead of a passport and still expect to fly.
  • Cheesey
    The woman is stupid - Yes. Ryanair are thieving cunts - Yes. Charge maybe £10 to reprint. Michael O'Leary is possibly the only person whom I'd happily turn away from if I saw him drowning. Cunt.
  • M4RKM
    @tom "So she is going to leave the airport and find a shop/internet cafe to print out their passes? She’ll miss her flight, tossers." She had two whole fucking weeks to print them out before she got to the airport... tosser.l
  • Brian A.
    @Thomas 1. Its not a fine its a shitty penalty. 2. She has a fucking ticket there called E-tickets. 3. Get your facts right first if you intend to mock others.
  • Chewbacca
    Stupid bitch. Fuck sakes, everything is always someone else's fault these days, isn't it. Bet she says brought insted of bought as well. The death penalty is too good for her.
  • Porl
    Ryan Air are a bunch of thieving cock munchers and the majority of poster on this story are piss kidneys! They charge you for fucking everything - debit card charge - how the fuck do you want me to pay for it!? I'm pretty sure there was a 'fart charge' of £10 per anal release when cramed on their plane...
  • Ryan a.
    They do this so that idiots don't turn up without them. Imagine they were reasonably priced at a fiver each suddenly you take a bit less notice to the rules and someone has to stay at the ticket printing machine all day.
  • Robert
    It Is simple Ryan Air and its owners are nothing but robing C***ts they should have thire licence removed.
  • Thomas
    Brain Air. Was there really any need to go into a torrent of abuse? You knew what I was saying regardless of whether I put "Fine" or in your clever words "Shitty Penalty". And I didn't actually "mock" her at any point I just discussed other ticketing situations which are similar. I can't help but feel you have some affiliation with this website and are actually whinging at me because of the Monarch inaccuracy as my comments were tame compared to some of the other gibberish that has been written.
  • Upper c.
    Ryanair should be left for the scrubbers and low life of this world. Any one with any self respect and class should travel for very little more (when following Ryanair rules) with a decent airline. Then no more lining of o'learys pockets for little mistakes.
  • Jamie
    No sympathy. We all know Ryanair are the scum of the skies and that anyone who chooses to fly with them is a tightarse. There no secret to their robbing ways so the only way to stop it is to vote with your feet and go elsewhere. Boycott Ryanair, simple.
  • kv
    a big thank you to idiots like this who make my flights cheaper

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