Ryanair boarding pass charge "to increase to €100"

Happy anniversary to us! Again! This is Bitterwallet's 3,000th post, and so it's entirely fitting we spend it in the company of a certain Sky Marshall O'Leary and Ryanair. And yes, in true tradition of the budget airline's charge hikes, it's a story to cause tightening of both the wallet and the sphincter.

According to The Irish Examiner, the good Sky Marshall has rubber-stamped plans by Ryanair to increase the charge for arriving at the airport without a boarding pass printed at home, from €40 to €100 – an increase of 150 per cent. The increase was justified by O'Leary on the basis that "only a tiny number of passengers" still arrive for a flight without a printed ticket.

"You really must now check in before you get to the airport. If you don’t, the fine is €40; and if that doesn’t get rid of them all within a very short order, we double that fine to €100. We don’t want people showing up without the pre-printed boarding card."

Strange definition of the word "double" there. No date has been given for when the new charges will be introduced, but it's thought they'll begin at the same time Ryanair announces passengers must wear all clothing they intend to fly with to avoid baggage hall fees.

[The Irish Examiner]


  • O' (.
    If I make the tickets 1p you'll all happily pay €500 for your boarding pass. I'm just ramping it up over time to shut the complainers up.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    I love that justification..... "not many people do it so we are justified in doubling the price"
  • Bang u.
    Damn, he really is stupid, isn't he? Does he realise that only the courts (and other bodies like the council) can issue fines? He is breaking the law if that's what he is doing. And that in consumer law, these types of charges must be fair and proportionate. Just ask the banks about their overdraft charges.. Who wants to start action against the Sky Marshall?
  • Gunn
    One time my ticket didn't print the barcode properly so had to get it re-printed but amazingly wasn't charged.
  • DavtT
    You have only to watch that Airport program to know how stupid some people are. These stupid people will be the ones incurring these charges. Its the same with bank charges - stupid people.
  • Nobby
    Soon it will be cheaper to buy a netbook and printer and internet access for a day, print the boarding pass there and then and throw away the equipment than use a Ryanair check-in desk.
  • callum
    Nobby - that is the whole point. Ryanair are doing everything they can to stop you getting your boarding pass at the airport, then they save money by having no check-in gates so can offer cheaper fares. Admittedly, RyanAir take "no frills" to the extreme, but if it results in me flying to Europe for 2p return (which I have done 3 times so far) then I'm all for it.
  • Ben T.
    Callum, How can you fly for 2p when conair now charge you for checking-in online.
  • James
    And what about airport taxes. Were those within the 2p? And what about the government fuel subsidy?
  • Tommo
    Ben - if you can take advantage of the Free Online Check in offers which are available about once a month for a few days, you can get 2p flights - also need to pay on electron though! I've done it loads of times - I never give them a penny more at the airport or on the flight, and I've seen loads of Europe :)
  • Ben Y.
    Ben Thompson & James - the best Ryanair fares are the promotional fares (e.g. £10, £1 or 1p). These are all-inclusive, so you pay nothing extra for online check-in, airport taxes or fuel subsidies. If you don't select any optional extras and you have an Electron card or use Entropay, this is ALL you pay. I have Ryanair transactions on my account for £0.01 to pay for a flight. I have no intention of ever paying a charge for printing my boarding pass - so I really don't care if it's €40 or €100.
  • Big F.
    Hmm I wonder if I could open up an internet cafe at the airport charging €5 per page for print outs ? !
  • Smon
    Mmm, another ancillory charge. US airlines met last week to discuss ancillory charges (and how they can increase them). Maybe Ryanair attended (chaired te meeting even ;-))? At the end of the day, they are open about it and invite you to find a cheaper alternative (sort of) by placing obstacles in your way. If you're organised you can 'play the game', so to speak. Their excess baggage is easily beaten (if you travel heavy, like I do) by having it delivered! I use Carry My Luggage all the time now for family hols and saved £80 (each way) in September 09, going thru Girona.
  • Hi O.
    They absolutely should not be using words like 'fine'. Only the State (and those directly authorised by the State) has the authority to issue fines and fixed penalties. Reminds me of those scummy private parking companies that try to con *cough* 'fine' people into paying them £60 or £100 because they didn't leave their £1.50 parking fee slip in the right place inside their car, or didn't fill in their reg. details correctly....
  • O' (.
    I have banned all internet cafes from any airport Ryainair operates from. This increases our revenue!
  • foofoo
    Ryan air sucks ass.. That is all
  • Zia70
    There is only one thing to do folks....Let's get smarter than the smart ass of O'Leary.....and if we can't really beat them then lets all fly Easyjet. Most of the times, unless you really get those 2p flights (which is harder than win the lottery), Ryanair is not cheap at all. Boycott Ryanair!!!

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