Ryanair admit mistakes as profits fall

PD*25836917 Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary, who would charge his dead granny extra for carrying keepsakes into the afterlife, is being uncharacteristically humble.

Why? Because today Ryanair have posted their first loss in five years, and now we find Michael in reflective mode, even going so far as to admit that they could ‘learn from Easyjet.’ He also said, with a glimmer of self awareness, that he should ‘stop pissing people off unnecessarily.’

*falls out of overwing exit in shock*

This is the man who charged a man with cerebral palsy to take his wheelchair on holiday, but hey, let’s not underestimate a man’s capacity to change, right? After all, he now allows ‘the ladies’ to take a small handbag onboard as well as their carry on luggage.

He introduced allocated seating to stop the scrums, and he’s slashing prices again, even though it’s PLANE to see that people prefer the customer service focused style of Easyjet, which has become a FTSE100 company since the arrival of CEO Carolyn McCall.

‘To be fair, some of the things easyJet has done, like allocated seating, have been very effective.’ O’Leary told the Mail. ‘We can certainly learn from the competition and we will.’

Of course, despite profits being down €596m from last year, he then went on to say how great they were and how they had bought 175 new jets and would you like to buy a supersoaraway Ryanair calendar featuring depressed, underpaid air stewardesses from Latvia?


  • Her L.
    It couldn't have happened to a scummier company.
  • Mr M.
    They haven't recorded a loss, just a drop in profits... I will still happily use them to get cheap flights across Europe.
  • Gordon B.
    Their profits aren't down €596m either, they're down *from* €596m (to €523m).
  • Billybobjimbob
    He believes he should "stop pissing people off unnecessarily". And concentrate on the times when it's absolutely necessary.

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