Room with a chew - who stays in a hotel like this?

According to their review on TripAdvisor, this person wasn't a fan of their stay at Halswell House in Somerset. But who is it that's moaning like your nana?

Bitterwallet - Chris de Burgh on TripAdvisor
It's a review by none other than tuneless dullard Chris de Burgh, venting his spleen about his £180-a-night stop in a stately home. He appears to have registered on TripAdvisor solely to complain, as well as sounding off on Twitter, describing Haswell House as having the worst guest rooms he's encountered in 25 years.

Not that the hotel owner cowered in the face of millionaire mediocrity. In fact Glenn Bond stuck it to the little man in his response on TripAdvisor, pointing out that yes, there'll be mud due to the house being in the middle of the country, and if you're kept awake by an all-night party, it can only be your own family responsible for it, since the whole estate can only be rented out in its entirety. For the wedding of de Burgh's niece, for example.

[The Daily Edge]


  • Tom
    Did he get overcharged for his fruit and veg while staying there? Didn't think so.
  • david
  • Mark C.
    Beautiful response from the place's owners - polite, clear, reasonable and totally made the monobrowed warbling cockbag look like the uptight prick he so clearly is.
  • Peter G.
    What's the problem. If a place is a shithole then give it a shit review.
  • fads
    +1 on the great reply from the owner. I slightly wish I was a fan so I could now NOT like him anymore. But alas, I couldn't stand the man before I read this. SO WHO IS THE LOSER IN ALL OF THIS, CHRIS? INNOCENT ME!
  • Cheesey
    I have this insatiable desire to deck the little prick.

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