Robot News: Japan FINALLY brings us the hair-washing robot

What do you get if you cross a car wash with a hairdresser? Why it’s only a robot hair-washing contraption, courtesy of Japan’s robot boffins, obviously.

Just watching this has made us feel incredibly relaxed, combined with an urge to cut out our unhealthy lifestyles, in an attempt to live to an age when this sort of thing is in every bathroom. We’re hoping it’ll be sometime before 2019 to be honest…


  • Dick
    If it is so f'ing great, why do they use it on a dummy and not a real person? And do they switch the dummy for a real person at about 1min? I cannot decide if she is real or not.
  • Will
    It appears to be a robot cleaning another robot's 'hair' / antennae
  • Dick
    That weirdest boner link that appears once the video has finished is weird.

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