RMT rail strike off - for now

1 April 2010

train Good news for travel addicts - the planned national rail strike, due to begin on Tuesday has been called off after Network Rail challenged the validity of the RMT ballot.

Network Rail were granted an injunction after it alleged there were discrepancies in the RMT's vote for industrial action.

But don’t use the news as a reason not to check out our guide to getting rail refunds for late and cancelled journeys.

Do it. Go on – DO IT.


  • gg
    strike still on, just the signallers not striking, maintenance still on strike from tuesday........get your facts riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
  • oliverreed
    Loved the way Newsbeat went on all day about 1 eyed Gordo getting involved. Saying "please stop" isn't getting involved you namby-pamby soon to be unemployed goon. However, if he'd simply said "feck off you workshy twats, that's life, get over if please jump in front of your moving plane/train/postal vehicle/angry dole queue" (delete as applicable) - hell fire that would have carried some weight!
  • The B.
    That's the second strike that's been called due to "discrepencies" in the vote. When people that don't exist start voting I think most people call it electoral fraud, why do the unions consider it par for the course?

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