Revenge of the package holiday

summer holidayIt seems that there's something of a resurgence in the humble package holiday as people bid to get some vitamin D without all the hassle of having to think of anything.

And who can blame them?

Nearly half of all overseas holidays booked in 2012 were part of a package deal, rising sharply in the last couple of years according to figures released by ABTA, The Travel Association.

Domestic coach tours and rail breaks were also up, showing that the 1970s version of a holiday was back in a big way.

Victoria Bacon, Head of Communications for ABTA, said consumers valued the "security and cost effectiveness that package holidays provide", adding that "at the same time the market has also evolved to offer greater choice to holidaymakers. It’s no longer just a week in Benidorm. The market is now very sophisticated, with packages to cater for every taste and budget – whether you want two weeks all-inclusive in the sun, a cruise around Asia or an adventure holiday in South America."

DIY holidays were down also. It seems that, in times of recession, people want fuss-free holidays where someone else sorts out all the boring bits of a break for you.


  • Reser
    "consumers valued the “security and cost effectiveness that package holidays provide”" Sorry what? I am pretty sure a whole bunch of package holiday providers recently went bust leaving people stranded abroad and/or without their holidays OR money? I am pretty sure NO ONE goes with package holidays for the "security" Mrs Bacon. It is all about Laziness pure and simple.
  • JeffLange
    Another point is that if you compare the flight only with a flight and hotel it is regularly cheaper. I have done it this way this year, not staying in the crappy idrive hotel but have booked the deluxe disney beach club hotel.
  • captain c.
    My mother often does as Jeff, book a cheap holiday for the flight, then book a private villa or apartment, but not every package holiday is cheaper, or even CLOSE to being cheaper, than booking it yourself; I was given a skiing holiday for my birthday a while back and enjoyed the resort so much I went back the next year but booked it myself - booking it myself saved me nearly 50% over what the travel company charged. The tricks used to inflate the price included the MOST expensive Channel crossing being quoted, even though we were on a night crossing, and charging for a full area ski pass instead of the local pass - £187 EACH v FREE except for cable car which was £5 each. A current example is guided tours to China, charging £2-3,000 for 10 days (+ nearly 4 days getting there and back). I spent 6 MONTHS in China last year, and it didnt cost me that much!! (£650 for flights, £100 for visas, +£100 per month for food and accommodation)

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