Revealing Lastminute's Secret Hotels Tips & Tricks (but keep shopping about)

We've delved into's Top Secret Hotels before on Bitterwallet - when one deal in particular was better off left a secret. However there are plenty of tips and tricks to figure out exactly what you'll get for your money - guest author Emma Kelly has a few pearls of wisdoms for you, so stop slouching at the back and pay attention:

What are Top Secret Hotels?

"Top Secret Hotels" are exclusive cheap hotel deals, booked through Before booking, you know the price you will pay, the star rating and the rough area of your cheap hotel room, but you do not know the exact name of the hotel. Lastminute state you can find cheap hotels and get up to a 45% discount when booking your budget rooms in this fashion.

How do I book a top secret hotel deal?

It's pretty simple. Just go to, do a search for cheap hotel rooms in the city you are interested in, and the top secret hotels will show up in the search results, the same as with a normal search. It's possible to use their filter options to show you only the secret hotels in the search results.

How do I figure out which hotel it is?
Google it baby. Once you have seen the cheap hotel prices on Lastminute, it's time for a bit of detective work. Grab some of the details off the Lastminute hotel's page, and fire them into the search engine of your choice. Hopefully you will see some results that give you the bargain hotel's name. Be sure to check through at least the first page of results, and try a few different keyword searches during this process. Search for text from the hotel's title, the description, even the amenities.

I have found that Lastminute don't often copy and paste the exact description from the cheap hotel room, but you can usually work it out from the list of amenities. For example, the "Traditional hotel with brilliant offer - 4* - Reykjavik" lists that the hotel has a gym and an indoor pool, which can all be seen in the facilities on the Loftleidir hotel. You can also compare the style of restaurant, as Lastminute often lists "Chinese restaurant" or "Italian restaurant" as a feature.

This doesn't work for every city, but if the hotel search has the option to sort by "closest to" you can use this to help figure out which secret hotel they are offering. Simply sort the list by "closest to" a certain well-known landmark. The list then shows in that order, with a figure at the top right, stating "distance from..."

For example, I did a search for cheap London hotel rooms, I sorted by "closest to" Buckingham Palace, and the list of top secret hotels shows me the distance from that landmark. From that point, you take the hotel name from the research which you have previously carried out, and try and verify the distances to see if the secret hotel room is where you think it is. You could use Google maps - enter the hotel name and the landmark and note the distance between. You can also use the tourist information on the hotel's own website.

Research your choice
Once you think you know which hotel they are offering, be sure to do some more research. Go directly to the hotel's own website, and input the same information, to check the direct price against the Lastminute hotels offer. Obviously, if it is cheaper to book direct, you can do so if you wish, but I have rarely found this to be the case.

You should also go a bit further afield, and check the prices of that specific hotel on the other major travel websites, such as Expedia, Laterooms, etc. Sometimes these other sites will have a special promotion, so you can easily compare the prices of the specific hotels, and see if you will be getting a bargain or not.

What do I get for my money?
With these secret hotel deals, the majority of the offers are for "room only." In some cases, you can choose to pay extra for additional services, such as room upgrades, or breakfasts, but that will all be stated on the booking page.

What if I am not happy with the hotel?
Once you find out which secret hotel you have been allocated, there is a chance that you might not be happy with the result. do accept cancellations on these low cost hotels, up to 48 hours before the check-in date. However, there would be a £20 administration fee, plus they do not refund the small credit card charge which you are told about at the time of ordering. Additionally, you must also check the hotel cancellation policy - this will be clearly stated on the hotel description, prior to booking. Some hotels don't have any penalties, but some might - so it is worth noting before you commence with your cheap hotel reservations. For example, some hotels state "Cancel free of charge up to 24 hrs before check-in, else first night rate."

So once you have booked, compare prices again, and if the price is substantially cheaper than the fees it would cost to cancel, then consider cancelling and re-booking the same hotel through another agent.

Is there a price-match policy?
I called the help centre to find out about their Price Match policy, which one of their representatives had casually mentioned on a previous call. If you call them within 24 hours of making your booking, they will investigate the case and possibly match other prices. The representative I spoke to seemed to be very unsure about this though, so I wouldn't bank on it.

From personal experience, I have used the Lastminute secret hotels quite a few times, for various cities round the world. Recently, I used the Top Secret Hotel deal to book a trip to Reykjavík, Iceland, in September 2009. A search on offered me the "Traditional hotel with brilliant offer - 4* - Reykjavik" for £312, as mentioned above.

After following all the hints and tips above, I came to the conclusion that it was probably the Loftleidir, and I was happy enough to give it a shot. The 4* hotel cost a total of £317 including charges, for 6 nights accommodation. To book the same deal directly on the Loftleidir hotel's website costs about £395 (using today's exchange rate for the Euro). While that's only a saving of £78, it's still nicer to pay less!

I thought I was getting cheap hotel rates. But a week later, I decided to put the hotel name and the same dates into Expedia, to see if it was much different. Expedia quoted me a price of £234!! I promptly phoned That particular hotel had no cancellation fees as long as the stay was cancelled more than 24 hours before arrival. So I decided to cancel and just pay the Lastminute cancellation charge of £20, plus the credit card fee of £4.

I ended up making a further saving of about £59. So, while the Lastminute secret hotels can be a good deal in your hunt for the cheapest hotel rooms, it still pays to be savvy and check out all your options, even up to a few days before your trip.

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  • Nobby
  • Jase
    I don't get it. For the honour of getting a cheap hotel through LastMinute, I have to spend 20 minutes on Google to try and find what it's called? Is this just an attempt to add some mystery to the whole experience? Because it sucks if it is. The mystery is that once you've booked your hotel room, you have to sit at your desk and dick about some more. That's not very mysterious. If they want something with mystery and excitement, they should have a man dressed as a faun- no, fuck it, a REAL fawn - creep upto you whilst you're in the train station of your city, tap you on the shoulder and hand you a mystical scroll that gives you directions (written as a Sonnet) to your hotel; then he scurries away into the crowds of people without a word to be spoken.
  • Macca
    Er! Jase I think you need to lay off the backy my friend. Somtimes booking blind is the best way to get a great deal, but if you can do a bit of research then it might be worth it - otherwise you might spend a week in some dingy, flea-bitten slum 10 miles from the Centre of town. Then the only mystery will be, how many bites you might have by the end of the week. In the meantime - you'll get a better deal, far superior accommodation and no hard sell if you book your own flights and stay at a recommended B&B. Works for me every time. Peace! Macca
  • Lutin
    Got a really good deal this way last year on a hotel in London called Montague on the Gardens. About half the full price I think I paid. And the hotel was absolutely fantastic.
  • Lutin
    Further to my post above, I meant to say that I was about 95% sure before I booked the secret hotel that it was the Montague because I had done some googling. When the mail came through from Last to confirm it was the Montague, well, needless to say that I let out the girliest yelp ever witnessed.
  • B.
    [...] research research As mentioned in the Lastminute Top Secret Hotels guide, research is the key. Use the tips in that article to try and figure out which hotel you might get [...]
  • Toni
    Just got one of the Top Secret Hotel deals for Belfast, £94 for 2 nights in the Holiday Inn which should cost £109 a night if I were to book it elsewhere. So although I shat myself for 5 minutes solid while I pondered pressing 'book' it really really, was worth it. Your advice was highly valuable! Thankyou :)
  • Jonathan
    Just booked a 5* London hotel through the "top secret" feature and it only cost me slightly more than if I had booked it straight from the hotel's own website. Brilliant - or maybe not.
  • helen
    I just booked a 'secret hotel' after it was recommended to me - i find my secret hotel to be the holiday inn and could've booked it cheaper with the hoilday inn direct ... very disappointing ... now need to wait til the morning to see if i can change my hotel think its looking like i will have a 100% cancellation fee to pay though... feel the secret hotel thing is a bit of a con wish i'd seen this thread first!
  • Rob
    I booked a hotel this week through the "secret hotels" part of I found out a couple of days later that it would have cost less to book directly with the hotel themselves. Initially lastminute said they wouldn't price match, but after a couple of angry phonecalls they relented and refunded me the difference. A lot of bother to reclaim £6, but it was a matter of priniciple! If you're taking a chance with a secret hotel, you should be rewarded with a good price!
  • Claire
    Lastminute - rip off. DO not use this website. Found a london hotel at a good price for a night on lastminute decided to book this along with flights from scotland last night. Got confirmation through that hotel was booked and was delighted. Got an email from them this morning to say that they could not honour the booking there was a problem with their website and they are going to issue me a refund. I told them that i had already booked flights and as the secret hotel was already £115, could not find another hotel for this price in the, it looks like this trip is now going to cost another 200-300 to get the same star of hotel in this location. Wouldn't have booked flights if i had known they could do this. Customer services not helpful at all basically tough nothing they can do about it will never use this website again. Beware.
  • HtNz
    I just got totally scammed by LastMinute on a 'secret deal' the description said ... two pools, jacuzzi/spa, sauna, cafe, games room, etc etc ... in the heart of Broadbeach. Turns out to be a giatn casino hotel on an island with one pool, no other facilities mentioned in the description. I emailed them and they said Broadbeach is a big area... and that's what you get for cheap... no reply to the fact that the description is for a completely different hotel! I have now contacted the hotel directly to see if they will rectify and Visa of course who say they will cancel the transaction. sigh. I had such high hopes, but if they don't accurately describe the hotel your screwed!
  • James
    just check the normal price mentioned on the top secret hotels and match the price with the named hotels. 100% works
  • cigarette s.
    I blog often and I truly appreciate your information. The article has truly peaked my interest. I'm going to book mark your website and keep checking for new information about once a week. I subscribed to your RSS feed too.
  • peter v.
    Booked a Top Secret hotel in London, and the reservation came up as the Best Western Shaftesbury Avenue. Immediately checked the Best Western website and got a price 10% less. Sent details to to claim the difference under their pricematch guarantee. After a series of emails where they claimed they could not open the pdf file they realised that I was not going to give up so easily. They have now finally come back to say the deal is not identical - the direct booking could be cancelled and is totally refundable whereas the is not refundable!!! The fact that I spend over £1000 a year with them seems to be lost. I don't like to be ripped off like this and will take it up in the small claims court, including the cost of my fare to travel to London to testify. Peter
  • Kate
    With any anonymous booking service there is always a risk of disappointment, although finding the hotel cheaper elsewhere should not be one of them! You should always cross-check prices immediately after making a booking (LastMinute only give you 24 hrs under the 'price match guarantee', for HotWire its 48 hrs). Did LastMinute say why exactly the cheaper deal was different when you attempted to book direct?
  • mat
    Just did a bit of research and found a top secret hotel in rome to be exactly the same price on the website. No extras no breakfast. CON.
  • Kaz
    Booked secret hotel in London and found it cheaper on another website...agree with Matt con !
  • Angelika
    Grreat article.
  • Al
    Got scammed recently by, booked 4* a hotel in the heart of Chelsea, London, paid £450 for 3 nights then found it was actually inside Chelsea Football Stadium, on a match day, last refused to do a cancellation, and the hotel (Millennium Copthorne Chelsea) rudely refused point blank to cancel/refund, Don't pick the regularly advertised 4* deal in Chelsea/Knightsbridge unless you're a football fan.. That was the end of the chilled out romantic weekend for us..
    What a material off un-ambiguity and preserveness off valuable know-how concerning unexpected emotions.
  • Mand
    We paid £640 for 4 nights, 2 rooms, no breakfast in a 4* docklands hotel. When we queried the discount once we had paid and found out where we would be staying, we were told we had saved £2.38 using them. We complained but were told there was nothing they could do. I won't be using them again

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