Ready for some rail strikes?

train Hey! The Tories are in, which means only one thing! RAIL STRIKES! Not to mention the phrase WIDESPREAD CHAOS!

It seems that the unions are planning on having a load of walkouts and only have to give 7-days notice for a strike, which means that everything could go, scientifically speaking, tits up for a bit. This newest strike has the backing of 60% of the members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union.

General secretary of the RMT Mick Cash said: "Our members have decisively rejected the pay package offered by Network Rail. This is a massive mandate for action and shows the anger of safety-critical staff across the rail network at attacks on their standards of living and their job security."

"It is now down to NR to start taking this issue seriously, to understand the deep-seated grievance felt by their staff and to come forward with a renewed offer which protects pay and jobs."

"As far as we are concerned, the one-off, non-consolidated, lump-sum payment this year is wholly inadequate and fails to recognise the massive pressures staff are working under to keep services running at a time when the company is generating profits of £1 billion."

So, go buy a bicycle or a car or something.


  • Raggedy
    If petrol prices suddenly skyrocket, will you be glibly stating: Go catch a train or something? Don't think so, somehow . . .
  • JonB
    @Raggedy Yes he will. That's the nature of this site.
  • dvdgremlin
    sure, the rail workers really are angry.... perhaps they should see what working in the Health Service is like. a rail worker gets pay than a nurse/ soldier/ dustbin man/ policeman and far better working conditions. at least the miners won't be going on strike,... oh, hold on... there aren't many now :) automatic, driverless trains anyone ?
  • dvdgremlin
    'pay' should have said 'more pay'

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