Raleigh Choppers: back. Back. BACK.

chopper The Chopper is back.

Yes, the slightly comically named Raleigh bike with its unique monkey handlebars and two different sized wheels (so far, so penny farthing) is back in production.

Due to the demand of nostalgic parents, the sort who keep voting for Star Wars in film polls and vaguely recall Texan Bars, Raleigh have replicated it and re-released the Chopper for a whole new generation.

Around a million and a half Choppers sold originally, but production was ended in 1979, just ahead of the whole BMX thing and Raleigh wooing the kids with Grifters.

Halfords will be stocking a limited number of the flaming red 'Hot One', although anyone expecting it to be on sale at its original price of £32 will be disappointed, as the new version will set you back £250.

Ben Hillsdon, Raleigh marketing manager said: "Whether you’re young or old it’s hard not to be taken in by the charm of the Chopper."

It's true, very few can resist the charm of sitting on a bright red chopper.


  • God
    Deja Vu. Didnt they try a relaunch a couple of years ago?? Either way, the damned things were DANGEROUS, extremely unstable when going down hills at speed; as a child I rode one once for a dare - never again.
  • Keith t.
    £250? Forget it, they were fun but not that much fun, i'd rather they bought back the grifter.
  • Fat H.
    God's right, they were fucking awful to ride.
  • Ray P.
    yep - bring back the grifter and the burner
  • Ray P.
    and the bomber!
  • Slacker
    I had one, it weighed a ton and the gears worked when they felt like it. Still, at least this might slow down the eBay fucknuggets demanding ££££££ for knackered old 1970s models.

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