Railways in EXPENSIVE shocker!

19 April 2013

Bitterwallet - train fares increaseThe cost of Britain’s railways fell by 2.1%, even though inflation pushed the network's expenses up by 2.9%. Passengers were spending 8.7% more, which means that us idiots are contributing 58% of running costs through fares according to the Office of Rail Regulation.

The government chipped in £4bn (32%) and infrastructure spending fell 1.8% while Network Rail threw £1.5bn around to maintain their £28bn debts.

ORR statistics show that rail subsidies aren't evenly spread throughout the country, with the East Coast the least subsidised.

Routes in mostly rural areas such as the Northern franchise, or those subject to major upgrade work like the London Overground, required up to 69% of their costs to be met by the state.

All in all, it is shit catching trains.


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  • Shagasaurus R.
    Congratulations on learning how to properly cite the articles you copy and paste from! :D
  • Mr M.
    The mind boggles how a journey in your car alone works out cheaper than one crammed into a carriage with lots of other commuters all going in the same direction.
  • tom
    Mr Miagi, I bet you've not taken into account the true cost of using a car, tires, car cost, wear and tear etc. It's normally cheaper to travel by train for one person but only just.
  • badger
    @ tom Now factor in the convenience and the way a car transports you door to door in a more pleasant-smelling, comfortable environment (not applicable to Londonistan) and a car is FAR cheaper.
  • Zleet
    "ORR statistics show that rail subsidies aren’t evenly spread throughout the country, with the East Coast the least subsidised." East Coast is state run and has made us £600m in profits in the last few years after the private companies reneged on the contracts to run it. It ended up being run far better than any private franchise and even a Tory MP who did a report on UK rail services said it is the model that should be emulated. Why the Chancellor decided it would be a good idea to sell it off again is anybody's guess.

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