Rail worker saves life; gets suspended

traintrack Alan Chittock, who works for Southend Central Rail Station, saved a disabled woman from train tracks shortly before a train was due to arrive, which makes him a bit of a hero right? Wrong. His bosses think quite the opposite and have suspended him for 'breaching safety rules'.

Chittock's employer, C2C, said he'd not followed the correct procedures for an incident of this nature and a spokesman said: "We have strict rules regarding the safety procedure for the quickest way of stopping trains in an emergency. An employee has been suspended while our investigation into this incident continues."

Chittock’s sister told the Mirror that he was "upset" and had been told not to say anything until the investigation concludes.

RMT union general secretary Bob Crow said: "Clearly it is a travesty of justice that a member of staff has ended up threatened with disciplinary action for helping avoid a potential tragedy at Southend and RMT is calling on the company to recognise the strength of feeling this case has generated amongst both staff and the public."

"RMT is representing our member and will do all that we can to ensure that he is returned to work as soon as possible with no stain on his record and a recognition that station-based rail staff play a crucial role in ensuring public safety."


  • Kernt
    Whats a bunch of kernts
  • C H.
    I bet she was chuffed to bits. Which s ironic...
  • Kevin
    One where if the trains hadn't been stopped and they'd both been killed the unions would be up in arms that proper procedures weren't in place and that the evil train company were at fault. All the guide needed to do is follow the instructions, THEN look after the lady. I'm just waiting for someone 'breaking the rules' to be a good Samaritan to get killed and see what people say then. Not like he's actually going to lose his job though, it's standard procedure to suspend and look at the situations for something like this. Then he'll go back to work.
  • Liam
    A friend of mine was sacked by a train company for doing an emergency stop at the following station to chuck off a knife wielding fare-dodger. The employment tribunal is still ongoing.
  • shiftynifty
    Kevin....So very anal....
  • Tony
    The fact is this guy has not followed his training (if he had any) and has not only endangered himself but also the others on the line. There are ways an means of getting the line blocked so no train could get anywhere near, but he didnt do this. The nearest train (apparently) was 15 mins away so there was ample time do things by the book I work on the railway and one of the first questions they are is how do you cope under pressure and this is exactly the type of situation they would be looking for you to do things properly. No sympathy I am afraid
  • Old G.
    @Tony Endangered himself and others? Did anyone die? Was anyone injured? Oh this is a "might have" or "could have" or IF situation. If the nearest train was 15 minutes away how in the name of British Rail did he endanger anyone? I'm a three minute walk away from a busy road - jesus! I'm in danger already!
  • Captain.Cretin
    I rescued two girls from a wreck on the M5 years ago ("T" boned by a foreign HGV); my firm docked me 4 hours pay for being late on site.
  • fibbingarchie
    ^ Yeah, but did you get ride off the pair?

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