Rail passenger satisfaction is, remarkably, up!

train The amount of people who are satisfied with their rail journey in Britain has, you might be surprised to hear, gone up for the first time since 2012, according to a new survey.

Figures from the National Rail Passenger Survey, asked over 28,000 people, and it saw a 2% year-on-year rise in overall satisfaction, to 83%. If you're wondering, the survey is bi-annual, and this one was carried out between 1st September and 12th November 2015.

Rail Minister Claire Perry said that this rising satisfaction was "a welcome sign that our record investment is starting to deliver results". She added: "There is clearly much more to be done, which is why we are continuing to invest to reduce crowding, cut journey times, and improve the passenger experience."

As for individual ratings, the worst three performers were all in the South East, with Thameslink having the lowest rates of satisfied customers (at 73%), followed by Southeastern (75%) and Southern (78%). They're still pretty high figures, considering the big disruptions the services have faced thanks to the development work at London Bridge station.

The most satisfied customers were found at First Hull Trains (97%), followed by the customers at Heathrow Express (95%).

However, it wasn't all cheery news. When it comes to people feeling that they were getting good value for money on their tickets, the score was much lower, with only 48% of people saying they were satisfied.

So while the trains and service themselves might be okay, the price of them it seems, is not.

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