Rail fares (and blood pressure) set to rise

13 August 2013

Today we’ll find out how much rail fares are going to go up, when official inflation figures are released. So you'd probably better start trying to find some coins down the back of the sofa now.


From January, there’s expected to be a 4.3% rise in England above inflation, while in Scotland fares will be capped at the rate of inflation. In Northern Ireland there will be no price rises and Wales haven’t made up their minds what they’re going to do yet. The expected rise in England represents a 40% increase since 2008.

In response to the planned increase, the TUC are protesting at key stations on the UK network, and calling for the railways to be nationalised.

‘Wage-busting fare rises are not even going on much needed service improvements", said TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady. ‘Instead, passenger and public subsidies are lining the pockets of the shareholders of private rail companies.’

Richard Hebditch, from the Campaign for Better Transport said: ‘There is a depth of anger out there. You don't think of commuters as being necessarily the most likely to take action, but I think it's really starting to eat into people's incomes.’

With wages frozen and travel getting more and more expensive, the situation is obviously unsustainable. So what are WE going to do about this, comrades? Sit back on the 8.22 to Kings Cross and read the Metro with tears in our eyes? Or will we fight the greedy private rail companies, using Upper Crust baguettes and hot coffee as weapons?

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  • Ross
    Basically, we'll whinge and moan about it for a week and then forget all about it. Same as every other year.
  • Joulupukki
    Why are the public paying for private infrastructure?
  • Captain W.
    I've seen one website report a commuter complaining that the 9% increase "will soon outstrip his mortgage " Shit statistic on two counts. Firstly, his mortgage may just be a token £100 so the bank holds onto the deeds for him. Secondly, if (say) he lives in Aberdeen because houses are cheaper and commutes to London, well of course his fucking train ticket is going to cost more than his mortgage. Particularly with current interest rate. As an extremely generalised rule, for commuters to London, the higher their commute cost, the lower their mortgage will be for a given size house.
  • Kapitein Z.
    You English and your home owning dreams.
  • Raggedy
    I heard on the news this morning that the rises are controlled by the government. How is this possible? How can the government control something which is run by private industry?? OK franchises, Railtrack, there's bound to be some tenuous link somewhere but this just smacks of MPs being on certain boards and raking in a massive backhander. 40% in 5 years is disgusting for no added value or improvement of the services. Free Wi-Fi on certain lines? It's NOT free, passengers paid for this via the yearly increases. If this happened in other countries, there would have been a coup by now. Scumbags, utter utter scumbags. Please let a Tory MP knock on my door asking for my vote. I could do with a rest for 5 years . . .
  • shiftynifty
    Meanwhile...we the british public keep taking the shit...because we are like that...moan but never actually do anything
  • Kevin
    'I heard on the news this morning that the rises are controlled by the government. How is this possible? How can the government control something which is run by private industry??' Because if they didn't have controls you could have increases of 20% a year not 1%over inflation. The government controls lots of things for the greater good. You are missing the fact that due to inflation their costs are going up all the time. That's just with them standing still, with no big changes, no new stations, carriages, no rennovation, no additional maintainence etc. So money needs to comes in just for that. That we don't have wage increases has zero to do with this. These increases are just to keep in line with normal increasing costs, which could be well above the 4% increase they get. Just to stand still they need to charge more. That is inflation! It is amazing how many people are moaning as their commute is costing more and more. Well maybe you shouldn't have decided to live 100 miles away from where you work? I know you don't always have the choice, but you made that decision when you took the job/chose where to live so you have to live with it. Or is it now cheaper to live nearer work? I doubt it.
  • hotmail r.
    That doesn't excuse the fact that the fares are extortionate. i went to London from long Eaton the other day, £180 return. If it's cheaper to drive then the system is broken. Either the rail network sorts itself out or we use the space for extra roads, nice straight roads all up and down the country.

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