Rail companies to offer better ticket prices

Bitterwallet - train fares increase Train companies will have to start offering commuters about cheapest fares possible. Of course, that doesn't mean they'll be putting their prices down, but at least we'll now know which are the least expensive.

This move is to deter customers ending up having to shell out an extra £100 when doing tickets at self-service machines.

The changes, due around March, are aimed at ending the anomaly in prices available at the counter, where staff have access to a complex database of fares, discounts and promotions, and the more limited options in a self-service machines.

Naturally some machines are nefarious and offer up the most expensive fares imaginable rather than offering a better cheaper option.

Rail minister Claire Perry reckons she is “absolutely determined that passengers should get the best possible deal for every journey”.

“There is no excuse for poor quality information, restricted ticket choice or confusing screen directions at ticket machines. However, on summit is not the end of our discussions. I will be closely monitoring progress and I will not hesitate to hold the industry to account if improvements are not made.”

Overseen by the Office of Rail Regulation, train companies will be expected to overhaul their systems to ensure that customers are automatically offered all available ticket options.

As a first step, they must label all self-service machines by March to warn passengers they could save money by using the counter service.

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