Prototype for Ryanair's new on-board toilet?

toilet [BuzzFeed]


  • ScottC
    If it allows them to keep low prices, all the better! Just give me a pot and some bog roll frankly! :)
  • Nobby
    So where is the coin operated slot?
  • Shopdis F.
    How the hell can you shag in this?
  • Congercod
    The end of Ryanair's toilet scheme will coincide with the first rugby team tour to be booked on. 25 15st+ blokes paying to pee in a toilet when there is a perfectly suitable carpet on the floor? I don't think so
  • FinanceDad
    That makes me feel claustrophobic just looking at the pic. Oh well, it keeps cost low - I'm down with it.
  • Mark
    D'ya know, I pay more for a megabus journey from Manchester to London than I do from Manchester to Dublin/ Stockholm/ Malaga etc.. (all of these Ive had for 1p) I dont demand an attendant on the bus, I can manage a 5 hour trip without food or drinks, the seats are smaller, the door on the toilet never closes and swings the whole way from Manchester to London. So why does everybody complain so much about Ryanair and other budget airlines.. The sooner people treat them like cheap bus services the better. And then we can all move on. Bitterwallet will probably have half as much material but thats not necessarily a bad thing!
  • Nobby
    That's like asking why people complain about being hit in the face with a piece of dogshit when they could have been hit in the face with a piece of human shit.
  • Mark
    Nobby, unless you paid for a human shit, and got hit with the dog shit, then no. The comparison Ive made is not like that.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Mark, because when I get a cheap bus fair, I stand at the bus stop, and say 'bus to manchester please!' and hand over my £2.40. I get aboard, sit down with plenty of space (nobody uses buses these days), and get off in manchester. If I want to book with ryanair, I first have to preorder my prepaid mastercards, loaded with enough cash. I then need to book online (checking through a tonne of different dates for one with a decent price), pick what ungodly hour of the morning I want to fly at, do my online checking in (so I only get charged a small amount, instead of a large amount if I don't do it until I get to the Airport), make sure I've crammed everything I need into the smallest bag I can find (and weigh it just incase) so I don't get charged stupid money for it. End up getting charged for crap all anyway, get squeezed into what the UN would probably class as 'squalor' and hope I emerge with my sanity intact.
  • Irishtaxidriver
    Think I'd get stuck between those two walls! Recently took a national express trip, it's no mean feat using the bog whilst going down the motorway at 65 miles an hour! On the subject of Megabus, does anyone know if their London - Bristol service has "facilities". Last poster I'm inclined to agree flying with ryanair is getting more and more complicated, those prepaid mastercards are a pain in the but!t

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