Prankster turns cycle lane into Mario Kart road

28 August 2010

We like this a lot. Over in Portland, Oregon, United States of A, The World, some imaginative prankster or pranksterette has taken to the streets armed with some paints and turned a bike lane into a real life Super Mario Kart track, daubing speed boosts, stars and dreaded banana skins all over the road.

Here’s the newsdudes at local station KATU-TV reporting the story – we love how the cyclists seem loathe to actually ride over the banana skins in case it makes them spin off into oncoming traffic.

Your move Banksy... if you even can...

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  • Ali
    Nice, but nothing compared to this mario kart prank -
  • Saint G.
    Agree with Ali - that Remi Gaillard prank is one of the GOAT tbh :D

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