Post Offices feel rush on Irish passports

Post Offices feel rush on Irish passports

The Brexit could have a big impact in Northern Ireland, what with it being the only part of the United Kingdom (doesn't feel particularly united this week, but there you go) that touches a bit of the EU.

Some people's back gardens are in the UK, but lead out into the EU. People are worried about borders, especially if you work in the South, but live in the North.

There's a lot of questions that people want answers for. While they worry, they're trying to get an Irish passport... and Post Offices across Northern Ireland are feeling the rush.

They've said that they've run out of Irish passport forms after the British public voted to leave the EU.

In case you didn't know, Irish law says that anyone born on the island of Ireland (which obviously includes Northern Ireland) or anyone claiming citizenship through parents (or grandparents) can have an Irish passport.

Of course, in Northern Ireland, 55.8% of voters said they wanted to Remain. What with the vote going the other way, they're wanting to try and make sure they've got free and easy access to the South, and the rest of the EU.

Basically, no-one is taking any chances.

One Post Office in Belfast had to inform customers by a note, that they had run out of the forms, reading: "Due to the increased demand for Irish passport forms we have currently run out."

"We have an emergency order coming to meet the extra demand on Thursday 28th June."

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Other Post Offices are having similar problems. However, in the short term, there's little need to worry - British passports are still completely valid until Britain actually leaves the EU, which it hasn't.

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