Poor airline conduct or knee-cap saving relief? You decide

It's not entirely sporting behaviour, but for those of us superior beings with longer legs, those who want to work on a laptop or, heaven forbid eat our airline meal, it's a quick on-board hack to bear in mind.

All it requires is one water bottle, and the stones to ignore the cabin crew when the passenger in front complains his seat doesn't work properly:

Another reader on LifeHacker has an even more ingenious suggestion to protect your personal space:

I discovered that a rubber door wedge did a perfect job of blocking the recline feature on most United seats. Another benefit - it was nearly invisible to the flight attendant. I felt no guilt in doing this. Having a seat back or tray jammed in your space on a long flight is terrible.

Alternatively, airlines could simply remove all the seating and make passengers stand. They could get far more in that way, see.



  • chrisg
    I find "accidentally" bumping the chair soon encourages people to consider upright chair use.
  • Joe
    Would have to agree. When they recline the chair, they've got to expect that my knees might hit the chair violently a few times a minute....
  • PeterG
    I just find it annoying when people recline as soon as the seatbelts lights have gone out. Then they moan when the food is been dished out and they are told to upright the chair, then they moan again when I need to leave my seat and knee them in the back or push down on the headrest so hard that when let go it bounces them :-) Only once has someone asked if it was ok to recline the seat first.
  • tits
    i hate seat recliners. i usually make their flight hell. scum.
  • Wopster
    At 6'6 tall, seat recliners have no chance if they sit in front of me. makes me laugh when they try!
  • Juan K.
    How does this trick work?

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