Pontins not backing down over last-minute holiday cancellations

pontins-brean-400 A few days ago, we told you about a bunch of would-be holidaymakers who had had their dream breaks cancelled by Pontins, three months after they had actually booked them and only weeks before they were due to arrive at the Brean Sands site.

The holidays had been booked at a rock bottom £33.07 for a seven-night stay but Pontins eventually cancelled the bookings, blaming a computer glitch, and reportedly saying that the site had been overbooked. Many of the aggrieved punters cried foul about it over at HotUKDeals, and some of the larger media organisations such as the Daily Mail and Mirror picked up the story and ran with it.

Expecting a happy ending at this point? Nope. Pontins have dug their heels in and say that the holidays will remain cancelled, but as a ‘goodwill gesture’, they are offering 50% off a future booking for those who have been affected. Meanwhile, the ‘overbooked’ Brean Sands site is still offering a six-night stay on the dates in question – for £550.


  • Mary H.
    The thought of spending a week with the scummiest of the chavs, that;s not to mention all the stingy lowlife scum from HUKD, Oh, the horror!
  • Mike H.
    But bitterwallet has still not decided to 'run' with the massive story about Apple being sued by the entire US and their dogs for price fixing of iPad eBooks. You gotta wonder what other news we're missing.
  • Barry G.
    Why have you got to wonder that? This is a UK consumer site. Plus you knew the other news anyways so you probably haven't taken a bit hit there :-)
  • Mike H.
    But the other US, Japanese, IKEA stories are OK for a UK consumer website are they? The price fixing has a massive impact on the UK eBook market not just the US. Obviously, you have too much money to worry about the price of eBooks? Dick.
  • Massive C.
    How dare they cancel my 3rd holiday, I haven't paid for?!
  • The B.
    £550 for a week in a chalet at Pontins? Jesus, a quick search would probably net you half of the Mediterranean for about £250 a person per week.
  • Charmane
    @Massive Chav - sins fags av gun up I aint smoking as much cos I aint affordin it, can we meet up an you can get me pregnent so I can get more benefits for fags? Ta.
  • chewbacca
    They should be thanking them for saving them from the horrors of a scum infested cesspit. Poor people make me sick, we should gas them and use the bodies for biofuel
  • qwertyuiop
    If I were Pontins, I'd have honored the "error" - £33 is probably more than what a Pontins holiday is actually worth. Who would be insane enough to spend over £500 on a 7 day holiday in this shit hole of a country?
  • Mike H.
    qwertyuiop, you have made the classic error. This country is not a shit hole, I have been to places in the UK that are truly exceptional. It is the people that haunt this country that make it seem like a shit hole. People have no respect, they turn up at these places with their hoard of scroats, smoking fags, swearing, shouting and dropping litter and ruin it for the rest.
  • Dick
    I can believe the £500 price tag, if only for cleaning costs. It takes a team of six men at least four hours to clean each chalet, to go from looking like a complete shit hole when the people leave back to looking like a regular shit hole for the next lot to arrive.
  • Day B.
    What the fuck are they complaining about ? No one who goes to Pontins pays for their holiday anyway.
  • Big G.
    Nice to see the no-marks are out in force once again, if it were your twatPad that had issues you'd be whinging and moaning. Seriously no one gives a toss what you think of Pontins, in fact I'd think about going the just because it was free from tossers like you.
  • Spencer
    I really think this might damage the good name and hard earned reputation of pontins.
  • Bazinga
    The normal price tag is to pay for the nightly firework displays, in-room technology, stunning culinary options and world-class entertainment.
  • The B.
    @Big G - Could you elaborate on a few points please: What is a "twatpad"? I can only assume it's some sort of ladies sanitary product? In which case of course people would complain if it didn't work properly, would you lie in your girlfriends jam because her rag was leaking? If you don't care about what people here think of Pontins, why did you feel it necessary to comment and abuse the other posters? I would contest that you don't care, in fact, I would posit that you are in fact one of those complaining on HotChavDeals. You say " I’d think about going the just ", where exactly is the just? Could you elaborate on this statement please.
  • Sicknote
    I went to Pontins for a day once and honest to god I thought it was a warm up for the Olympics; I couldn't throw a stone without hitting someone wearing a nylon shell suit & running shoes; even the morbidly obese were decked in sports garb. You should count your blessings having your holiday cancelled; a week eating shitty high fat junk food and swilling cans of wife beater with chavs in tracksuits.
  • Mike H.
    Big-C, but then it would be filled by tossers like you. Cunt.
  • Spencer
    Poor pontins... their good name... tarred.
  • Wee K.
    Pontins is a wee gem. You'll have a fandabidozi time. Honest.
  • Jamie
    What a lucky escape they had. Just got back from here and it is a complete dive. No matter how low your expectations are it will not prepare you. Should be illegal to send people here and Pontins should be ashamed. I've been to Haven and Butlins and standards are much much higher than this shi*hole. Dirty, rundown and not an ounce of effort to make the place look cheerful. Depressing dump, close it down!

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