Plane comes to life and tries to fly by itself...

Not really – it’s actually a disused 747 that gets caught up in some extreme winds in Mojave, California. Nothing to worry about – we’re sure this happens all the time…


  • Mike H.
    Sorry, but even I the mighty Mike Hock, fail to see what the fuck THAT has to do with chapioning consumerism.
  • Michael B.
    By looking at the video, I'd say the engines have been removed Engines removed = lighter plane
  • dasher
  • qwertyuiop
    Mike, I thought Senor Generale or whatever that mexican bloke was supposed to be was their "consumer champion" Mucha Lucha? Was that it? Seriously, if I was going to create a fictitious consumer champion, he wouldn't be fucking mexican that's for damn sure!
  • vibeone
    Chapioning what?!
  • Alphonse G.
    This looks really dangerous to me. I guess wind can cause some kind of 'lift effect' when blowing at a plane. I think the airlines need to fit some kind of spoiler (like F1 cars) to generate downforce to stop planes blowing away. I have some potentially prize winning lettuces growing this year and the last thing I want to find is an upside down 747 in my vegetable patch.
  • Alan T.
    I found an upside down squirrel in my vegetable patch the other week..
  • zax
    Alphonse, that's nothing mate. You don't wanna get a 747 up yer arse as yer bending down and banging yer lettuces.
  • Mike H.
    Vibeone is mexican, and everybody knows mexicans are the most hated people on the planet, he is their chapion.
  • Raggedy
    What is BW coming to? For once the comments were more interesting than the video. :-)
  • Mike H.
    And to think, Andrew Dawson et al. don't want us here.
  • Shooter M.
    You wouldn't get this on Money Saving Expert. Martin Lewis would buy a new 747, not a disused one.

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