Place your bets - which airline will go bust next?

I've met Paddy Power. Yes, he's a real person and it's his real name. He's a really nice bloke, and after a little due diligence he really will offer you odds on anything and everything. For fun, for sport, for the craic of it, ask Paddy for odds on cat shaving becoming an official sport at the 2012 Olympics and he'll give them. Slightly more mundane but of equal interest to avid Bitterwallet readers, Paddy is taking bets on the next airline to go bust following Globespan's tailspin into administration earlier this month.

Bitterwallet - gambling on airlines going bust - it's what Jesus would want

Not everyone is happy about it, least of all the airline with the shortest odds. Monarch Airlines has had the odds of it going to the wall slashed from 50/1 to 4/1 after more than 100 bets were placed over Christmas. Managing Director Tim Jeans claims punters may be betting on Monarch going bust after charter airlines such as Globespan and XL Airways went out of business over the past year, saying:

"People put two and two together and say Monarch's a charter airline and make their bets accordingly. But Monarch's business is far different from those people. If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable."

According to a spokesperson for the bookies, the reason Monarch's odds were shortened was because nearly eight out of every ten bets placed over the past week have been on Monarch, which followed a similar pattern to betting on XL Airways last year. If you're feeling flush and fancy a flutter, the ten airlines with the shortest odds on going bust are below, or you can see a full list here:

  • Monarch 4/1
  • Wizz Air 11/2
  • Finnair 11/2
  • Malev 13/2
  • Aer Arann 9/1
  • Spanair 10/1
  • Jet2 10/1
  • BA 11/1
  • Aer Lingus 14/1
  • Thomson Airways 14/1


  • andy y.
    100/1 for the sky captain. Nice
  • Inactive
    Air Force One @ 1000 to 1...I laughed at that.
  • Warwick H.
    Thomson have revised their business plan for 2010 by moving all their cruise ships away from British ports so that you have to fly to pick up your ship, flying is by Thomson Airways of course. A neat way of maximising the aircraft usage, so no Thomson cruises from Harwich, Southhampton, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Liverpool or any other U.K. port in 2010. My bet is on Aer Arran.
  • IGMorrison
    A novelty bet is a novelty bet and as such, should be nothing more than a light hearted bit of fun. Next celeb to have botox, who will be xmas number one etc. But betting on a business that's going to go bust? Something that will ruin the livelyhoods of many thousands of employees? Not to mention destroy precious holiday time we all hold so dear? Just doesn't quite sit right with me. But then again, I suppose it's not so different to asset management / spread betting!
  • R. M.
    Where is the price for Japan Airlines? I wanted to have a bet on that. Now that looked like a winner. Paddy Power says he would have to pay out £7000 if Monarch went bust - thats only chicken feed to Paddy Power he would stand to loose that and more on a class G race in Lingfield any day of the week. 8/10 bets were on Monarch? To lose £7000 on bets at 50/1 how many different people came in with £2-£5 to have that kind of loss. If you were in the know would you not have lumped on £500 at 50/1 rather than £2 and £5. Looks like cheap advertsising to me. How much did they loose on a white christmas
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  • Büyü
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