Picture Puzzle Quizzle Time

Can you spot what's wrong with this picture, taken in a German department store?

An imaginary Bitterwallet prize to the first one of you to spot the dreadful error.


  • Rob
    Let her speak T-shirt?
  • Chimpy
    Nice arrangement of the racking. give that person a medal.
  • Big D.
    I think is says "Let your T-Shirt talk", I don't see quite what's wrong with that unless you object to you t-shirt saying that you are cheap !
  • Robin
    Yeah there's nothing wrong with the sign, it's the rack that they are hung from that's the problem!
  • Andy D.
    And Chimpy is the winner. There should be no place for Swastika-shaped racking in German retail.
  • Mike H.
    Subversive retail !
  • Andy v.
    does Chimpy win a very own Swastika to wear?
  • well w.
    the little t-shirt man is almost doing a "Hail Hitler" as well This is one for the X-Files
  • Mike H.
    You could also say there is predominantly white t-shirts on the rack, oh how racist!
  • not m.
    the swatstika full of T shirts...
  • LanguagePedant
    'Dein' shouldn't have a capital letter.

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