Petrol prices are still soaring...

...but there must be better ways of saving money than THIS!


  • zacspeed
  • NellieIrrelevant
    I was going to forward that to the wife till I realised it wasn't funny at all... it's the stuff of nightmares. Can you imagine what it was like being inside that car?
  • Chris S.
    Humm, should i intervene in this situation, or should i film it?
  • Mosschops
    Only 2 options - stick your head out the sunroof and shout "scuse me, I think you might have nudged me motor a bit back there" or climb all the way out and ride it on the roof
  • Mark M.
    The driver of the lorry must have been too busy strangling a hitch hiker
  • Tom P.
    That trucker must have been getting a blow job or something, and not have noticed that car. Breaker 1-9, over and out.
  • Neil S.
    What would happen if you slammed the car in reverse?
  • Pedant
    Reminds me of that story where the dude in the wheelchair got stuck on the front of a truck. Maybe they should have mirrors pointing down at the front or something so they can see stuff like that.
  • Paul S.
    Does anybody know the outcome of this story? Any of the papers picked it up?
  • Mosschops
    LOL - truck drivers dont use mirrors to check for cyclists next to the kerb before turning left - they're not going to bother checking for cars stuck on the front! TBH you'd think the twatting noise the car made hitting the truck would be a bit of a give away too. HAHA!
  • Rhinestone
    Aha, I can just imagine the truck driver humming away to country and western music completely oblivious to the whole thing.
  • Gunn
    Damn that's scary! how on earth did that happen!? and why is neither car blasting their horn!
  • Paul S.
    If he's driving a rig with the music on, I guess he's not going to hear much. He's not necessarily going to see it from up there, either. If it's real, I can see it happening by the Clio cutting into the lane ahead but too close to the truck, the truck catching the corner of the Clio and spinning it. There's a tiny doubt that says it's a dummy car mounted on the front of the truck as a prank. That's why I'm keen to know if there's any press coverage of it.
  • Laurz
    This might be a different incident but I remember reading on one of the news sites a while back that a lorry driver had been found guilty of careless/dangerous driving after slamming into a car and pushing it for something like a mile down the road without realising it was attatched to the front of the cab.
  • Chris H.
    @Paul could try calling Arclid Transport, see what they have to say about it?
  • Si
    That's faked! The blinkin' tyres would shred at that speed going sideways, and the car would have caught and possibly flipped when the wheel rims contacted the road.
  • Jeffrey A.
    No idea, but in part of the video the clios brake lights are on, then later they're off. So they've either put a LOT of effort into faking it, or there genuinely is someone inside that car shitting their kegs
  • Mark M.
    Just watching that again, you can see debris coming off the car at around 18-20 seconds
  • Simon
    I wonder if Arclid lorries have one of those "how's my driving?" things going on? "Too fast, in the wrong lane and you're pushing my fuckign clio. Cunt."
  • Nobby
    That's what you get if you buy French.
  • Matt
    Its in the news now:
  • can C.
    [...] Petrol prices have been still soaring… | BitterWallet [...]
  • Fuel C.
    Over here in the UK, fuel duty has had an adverse effect on fuel prices and we are pushing over 100 already. And residents of Isles have to pay in the range of 115-120 for fuel.

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