Pay low prices, get no bed at the Rancho Bernado Inn

9 August 2009

Like many tourism-related businesses, the Rancho Bernado Inn in San Diego is feeling the heat of the recession. So to get noticed, they've come up with a cracking promotion that is getting them column inches around the world.

Their survivor package allows you to choose how much you pay for your room - the less you pay, the less you get. It makes perfect sense until you find yourself with no lights. And no bedsheets. And no bed:

Whether the staff would ever be arsed enough to remove everything out of a room for the sake of $19 is debatable - it's going to cost the hotel more than that in wages to clear and re-dress the room. It's irrelevant though, because you've now heard of the Rancho Bernado Inn, and that's the point.

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  • Amanda H.
    I'm in the market for a Room with a roof but no walls, how much?
  • Mike
    $15 Its a sheet, 2 sticks and some string
  • Ben
    "$15 Its a sheet, 2 sticks and some string" You lose the sheet at that price though, so really you lose the roof too...
  • andy y.
    Note the TV stays
  • fast s.
  • Father T.
  • Huw
    "Note the TV stays" But with no electricity, your have to entertain yourself with sock puppets!
  • Antique A.
    $19.00 for the night. But how much if we just wanted the room for an hour? (Correct that ... if we just wanted the room for 15 minutes - and that includes wipe-up time!)
  • Mike e.
    It takes you that long Alan? or does it take 14 minutes to wipe-up?
  • Mike e.
    $2 if you want to sleep outside the door of your room "Complementary paper?"

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