Passengers watch pilots and stewards have fist-fight at 30,000 ft

Bitterwallet - Leslie Neilson would never have a big fight on a chief executive Philip Meeson might stand up for his customers, but he's a pussy when it comes to having a proper man-fight. He recently chastised his staff for piss-poor customer service at Manchester Airport - in front of the passengers - but there were no fists of fury involved. If Meeson wants lessons in becoming a true industry heavyweight, he needs look no further than Air India for inspiration. Their staff aren't afraid to knock seven bells out of one another. Mid-flight. Um.

The cockpit of an Airbus A320 was left unmanned after the pilots and cabin crew had a big barney during a flight from the United Arab Emirates to Delhi. 106 passengers spent a good few minutes saying their last rites as they watched the staff try to knock each other's faces clean off in the main cabin. A female flight attendant told police she was abused and pushed by the pilots in the aptly named cockpit when she refused to grant “personal favours”. Another member of staff then joined in and suddenly it became a scene from Airplane.

It's not the best press Air India could have hoped for at the moment; in August around 20,000 employees went on a three-day hunger strike because the national airline threatened to cut bonuses, and there have been two press stories in recent weeks of passengers spotting rats on board their flights. You'll think twice the next time those cheap transatlantic deals pop up on HUKD, then.


  • Tom P.
    Really nice air stewardesses on Jet Airways. Air India have all the old bags. But VIRGIN stewardesses from the bearded one have to be the best :-)
  • The B.
    Urgh, Virgin are all 50 odd and caked in make up, it's almost as though they've just escaped from the makeup counter in Selfridges.
  • Song B.
    Air India is the shittiest airline ever, delays, unannounced diversions, no onward travel, crap food and crap service. Their complaints resolution procedure is non existant, I hope the bosses go on a hunger strike and forget to end it.
  • pauski
    Are the rats in the press stories you mention Willie Walsh and the sky marshall?
  • Jamaicafest
    This is absolutely crazy!!
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. This message is a confidential reply to a message posted earlier in the evening by "The Real Bob".... "Urgh, Virgin are all 50 odd and caked in make up, it’s almost as though they’ve just escaped from the makeup counter in Selfridges." My reply follows... [Begin Message] That's because you sit with the cattle in Economy. If you could afford Business, you would see the REAL VIRGIN BABES. [End Of Message]
  • charitynjw
    At last, the Mile High Fight Club! (It's my turn to fly the 'plane No it isn't Yes it is I was here first.......ooooowwwww!!!............Muuuummmmm, he hit me!!)
  • Pilots B.
    [...] but the fear of falling out of it on board a plane is rising all the time. Barely a fortnight after passengers watched the pilots and cabin crew of an Air India flight knock seven bells of baloney out of one another, a Northwest Airlines plane missed its destination [...]

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