Passengers say no to Virgin Atlantic's in-flight mobile call plans

22 May 2012

the-brick--talking-mobile-phone-holder Virgin Atlantic might have thought they were being all smart and clever last week when they announced that they’ll soon be allowing passengers to use their mobile phones during flights, but those that take them up on the offer will find themselves shunned by their fellow travellers.

A poll, carried out by flight comparison website Skyscanner, suggests that 86% of us would object to passengers making voice calls during flights on the premise that “it’s annoying to listen to other people’s conversations”. And let’s face it, the majority of in-flight calls are going to begin with ‘Hey, you’ll never guess where I am. I’m ON A PLANE!’. Urgh.

Almost half of those polled said that they would use the in-flight mobile service, but only to send texts (that would presumably read ‘Hey, you’ll never guess where I am. I’m ON A PLANE! LOL’ Urgh). Only six per cent said that they would make or receive voice calls. Yes, they’re saying that now….

Virgin will launch the service on flights between London and New York, but wants to make it available on at least nine more routes before the end of the year. It’ll cost approximately £1.00 a minute to make voice calls, while text messages will cost 20 pence a pop.


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  • Steve
    Mobile phones have never interfered with the planes navigation system, it's so you have to listen to any safety messages given by the cabin crew during take off and emergencies, to me is so sensible. Last thing during an emergency is for 100 passengers to start talking on their phones when the cabin crew are trying to do there jobs. Virgin have just proved this fact by allowing mobile phones to be used on their planes. Its the only place where you are kept away from one sided phone conversations KEEP IT THAT WAY.
  • Mike H.
    I'm looking forward to decking iPhones users on planes.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Oh and Virgin expect there to be a phone signal? Erm no it is bad enough being on land where you have to stand on stilts to get even 1 bar signal strength :p

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