Passenger decides security is lax, British Airways flight delayed

Yes, the world has officially gone horse-shit mad. As if it wasn't bad enough that men with bombs in their undercrackers want to blow planes up, or that governments around the world have capitulated in fear and heaped more security on passengers, but now passengers themselves can decide what level of security is acceptable.

A London-bound British Airways plane was delayed earlier following a customer complaint about poor airport security. The plane was searched thoroughly after all passengers on the aircraft disembarked to go through security again at Abu Dhabi airport.

The reason? A female passenger had reportedly told the captain she was unhappy with the level of airport security. According to another passenger, the woman went to the captain and informed him the member of staff responsible for viewing the x-rays screens was paying no attention while talking on his mobile phone. British Airways has only confirmed that customers were asked to disembark to complete secondary security checks in Abu Dhabi.



  • Emma
    LOL - was "assengers" deliberate?
    ^ Is she that fit one you BW lads were on about the other day?
  • Flipper
    Can't really see the problem with that. If a passenger noticed some unattended luggage would you prefer that they didn't report it? Just highlights the fact that airports can introduce as much security as they like, doesn't stop the staff from failing in their responsibility. That's what makes me laugh about the new body scanners which will be viewed by a single person in a room on their own...makes it more likely they won't do their job as far as I'm concerned.
  • DavtT
    Next step is passengers deciding that other passengers are 'shifty' and getting them thrown off a flight
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGay
    ^ We can only hope.
  • Nobby
    > That’s what makes me laugh about the new body scanners which will be viewed by a single person in a room on their own…makes it more likely they won’t do their job as far as I’m concerned. I thought there had to be two people in the room at any time .... so that the other one would be less likely to pay less attention and have a wank over some blurred image of a fit bird.
  • bigajm
    @davtT - I think there was a flight last year where some muslims or muslim-look-a-likes were taken off the plane because other passengers didn't like the look of them. Made the news at the time.
  • jsoap
    Flying last week I forgot to remove my keyring penknife, and it went undetected in both directions. Just surprised that the existing equiment doesn't automatically recognise such things. The staff of course are too busy confiscating potentially dangerous tubes of toothpaste and baked beans. Though I've often wondered if they are so dangerous, why are they piled high in a bin less than 10 feet away from the staff.
  • Gunn
    @jsoap, yeah same thing happened to me, I had that in a sidepocket of the bag I took, never knew I had it and was surprised that it was not picked up.
  • Michael A.
    I used to work aitport security and left because of the shitty hours and even shittier pay. 40 hours a week, 3am starts and no holiday or sick to speak of - all yours for £16k a year. That's why most of the people working security look so gormless, they've probably been there for eleven hours before some grumpy arsehole refuses to hand over a tiny pocketknife. The regulations and demands put on the staff by the DfT are madness. Standard procedure upon discovering an armed explosive device? Get blown up. What should you do if someone is carrying a firearm? Ask politely to see it! Doesn't help that half of the staff get on some crazy power-trip and start being arseholes to everyone. The remaining staff get it in the neck because of them. Worst of all, to be effective a terrorist just has to be lucky once. To be effective, Security have to be lucky every single time. Fuck that for a game of soldiers.
  • dunfyboy
    This whole security thing's pointless. I've taken a swiss army knife on two flights post 11-9 (get it right yanks), once by mistake, once on the return flight coz I couldn't be arsed checking in just a knife. No probs. The no liquids rule is just as pointless. The only check on the £2 can of juice you buy airside is to bung it through the xray machine. Coke and liquid explosives look the same on an xray. It's just so the airport operators can appear to be taking your security seriously while making a profit. I've used one of the body scanner's featured on the news and I have to say they're shit. I'd rather get rid of all these rules and take my chances. To be honest, you've got more chance of being killed flying by a drunk/depressed pilot than a religious nutter.
  • Michael A.
    In honesty, liquids are only X-rayed to ensure that there isn't a detonator or a complete explosive device in them. Bomb components and liquid explosives should be detected by a Smiths detection device (the swab thing they run over bags or the weird air puffer that exists on the archways at some terminals).
  • Warwick H.
    Well you have to do on the ground as there is fuck all you can do about it at 45k feet.
  • Evie
    I am sick and tired of hearing about these potential bombers! This country embraced foreign input many years ago and unfortunately it transpires that we are the minorty, and have to accommodate any threats as part of our humanitairan declaration to society. For goodness get real. I feel scared - do'nt you!!

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