Parking fine hero is cut down to size by comedy-named judge

Neil Herron 2

Last week, we covered the legal odyssey of Neil Herron, a man on a mission to get thousands of parking tickets overturned due to what he believed were invalid Controlled Parking Zones in his home town of Sunderland.

Neil’s case was heard in the High Court last week, but if you’re sitting there with a bunch of parking tickets classed tightly into your fist, waiting for us to give you the green light to get your refunds, you’re out of luck.

A judge, Mr Justice Bean (heh heh, Mr Bean!) said his case was “entirely based on technicality and utterly devoid of merit” and slung Neil out on his ear without actually literally slinging him out on his ear.

So unless Neil appeals the decision to a higher power, that’s that, and hundreds of fearful traffic wardens can breathe a little easier, knowing that there won’t be a mass revolt against them and their authority. For now…

You can find out more about Neil Herron’s Controlled Parking Zone argument here.


  • Hershel R.
    Ah that's rubbish! I don't see what difference it makes whether his case was based on technicality or not. Plenty of legal cases are decided on technicalities because that is the law, regardless of how petty it may seem!
  • Daniel Z.
    ^^^ + 1
  • That t.
    Actually, I applaud the judge for kicking this BMW/Audi driving toss piece out of court. You parked your BMW/Audi badly now cough up just like the rest of us have to, bell-end!
  • Maude
    Pay your fucking fines, cuntish parking twatmuncher!
  • Tim B.'s law. The entire fabric of the system is based on technicalities. What the judge seems to be saying is "Well, you're technically right, but you lose anyway". Sorry, that's not how the law works.
  • That t.
    OK Tim, so if your child got killed in a hit 'n' run, but the case was thrown out of court over a technicallity, because he was 10x over the limit and fell asleep whilst driving his BMW/Audi, therefore he wasn't 'technically' driving, would you still be OK about it? No, you fucking wouldn't. What the judge has done here is used his common-fucking-sense. He's lobbed the law book in the bin and said, fuck you, you BMW/Audi driving tit-wank, you'r not getting away with this one just because you're too stubborn to pay your fucking fine! Judges need to use common sense, not follow the fucking law to the fucking letter.
  • Mikey
    What a load of bollocks being posted here. And more than a bit of car/penis envy. Merc Driver
  • Issac M.
    @Fit lass, mmmm fiesty use of the F word. Love it. But afraid you rather failed with your analogy. Firstly because Tim is gay and doesn't have a child. Secondly because Neil is doing this not because he wants to park wherever the hell he wants but as a protest, and I quote, # The zone in Sunderland city centre is so large that it confuses drivers with its signs and is unlawful # The council relies on this confusion to make money out of parking fines So to put this in words you'll understand - he is fucking trying to take a stand against a bunch of council fucks who are fucking over the citizens of Sunder(fuck)land in order to raise what is technically a fucking tax on parking. Fuck.
  • william
    Why does the average comment on here consist of fuck yous?????
  • Morocco
    Good. L.A.L.A.S.
  • garry
    the readers here should look at OPEN YOUE EYES BEFORE YOUR MOUTH.
  • Brad
    I guess what piss's people off is that judges seem to ignore or follow the book erratically, chuck things out like this but then seem to be ok with letting terrorists stay in the country because the book says his hands are tied. Either stick to it or dont you silly old buggers.
  • garry
  • Alexis
    "his case was “entirely based on technicality' " EVERYTHING to do parking fines is do with technicalities. If they make a digit error on your reg number it makes the PCN invalid. If the council says "you have to pay" instead of "a payment is required" it makes the PCN invalid. If they respond to an NtO in 57 days instead of 56 it makes the PCN invalid. I agree the guy doesn't have much of a case because I don't believe there is a specific law about the size of a CPZ, but this judge does sound like a bit of a tool. "Judges need to use common sense, not follow the fucking law to the fucking letter" So it would be ok if said drunk driver was blowing 36ml and was let off because he was only one over? Eh? EH!??
  • andy y.
    Why didn't cite the technicality that Sunderland has no cars?
  • The B.
    *Shrugs*, you don't seem to realise that these "council fucks" fund the economy in Labour strongholds, once the Tories start cutting back unemployment will rocket.
  • Shooter M.
    @Fit Lass: "if your child got killed in a hit ‘n’ run, but the case was thrown out of court over a technicallity, because he was 10x over the limit and fell asleep whilst driving his BMW/Audi, therefore he wasn’t ‘technically’ driving" Technically, that's still driving.
  • Neil f.
    Neil herrons a self publicising fuck tard who makes out he's doing this for the common good, wot a load of bollocks. The bastard Is doing this to get case law in his favour so that he can get more recognition and people will think " what a great guy, he must know his stuff" then they pay money to him for his representation via his parking appeals website. Beware the herron, He's a leftie arse fucking wanker who needs shooting.
  • Codify
    "The judge said his case was “entirely based on technicality""? Does that mean the law?
  • 3dtv
    Ah, who cares. Sunderland is full of window licking fucktards anyway.
  • That t.
    The whole fucking point of my comment is that judges should apply a little common sense. Fuck-wits like Heron are just trying to wriggle out of getting a fine and making themselves look great and feel better about their sad little iPad/iPhone using life by playing the 'technicallity' card. Heron "Look at me, I'm making a stand for the common people, please like me, I have an iPhone..." Apologies Mikey, I didn't mean to leave Merc driving CUNTS out. Cock-end
  • Sumanji
    Awww "That Fit Lass" secretly wishes she had a BMW/Audi/Merc. Did your allegedly good looks not help you bed a man rich enough to buy you one? How sad :( P.S. Wash out your potty mouth.
  • Jack T.
    'Judges need to use common sense, not follow the fucking law to the fucking letter.' Has anyone told the judges this? When did this change happen? I had a friend who had a Merc once. He sold it and his cock grew back and he learnt how to drive.

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