Paddy Power is betting on you versus the volcano

The unpronounceable threat that is Eyjafjallajokull threatens to dog European airports into the summer. If you want to offset the risk of taking a flight abroad, then Bitterwallet-appointed king of the bookmakers, Paddy Power, could sort you out

Bitterwallet - Paddy Power's Volcano betting
Paddy is offering volcano betting throughout the Summer for several major European airports. Rather than offer odds on a particular flight being cancelled, you can bet on an unscheduled closure on any day in June, July or August for a minimum of just one hour - so long as the closure is caused by volcanic ash, Paddy will pay up.

Odds get as short as 10/1 for the beginning of June, but you'll get more generous odds of 25/1 on a closure at Barcelona in August. Potentially, this is isn't betting, it's an additional insurance policy for your family holiday. At least that's what you can tell the wife.

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader William


  • This =.
    "several major European airports" rather than "several European major airports". "particular flight being cancelled" rather than "particular flight been cancelled". hth, feel free to delete this comment when/if you correct it.
  • Mobile G.
    This post brought to you by the letter E N G L I S H Teacher =]. wot u talkin bout blad is spelin iz gud
  • James D.
  • Hershel R.
    I don't see how this story is relevant considering you can't take a fox (or a badger for that matter) with you on an aeroplane.
  • Wonky H.
    Even the B3ta newsletter talks about bumming cats.
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  • Jack
    Meh, sounds like a money grabbing plan to me. You are better off playing roulette if you want to try something like this
  • Superior B.
    Bumming badgers mmmmmnnnnn!!!
  • Frank B.
  • mo
    I HATE ICELAND!!!!!!!!

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