Oyster customers being fleeced

7 November 2014

oyster swipe Oyster Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers are being charged up to £107 more per week, than people using Contactless payment for travel in London, according to research.

Passengers who use Oyster PAYG and Contactless are doing the same journeys, however Contactless fares are capped weekly, whereas Oysters are capped daily meaning that passengers are paying far more.

According to a Labour press release: "A peak-time commuter who hits the daily cap travelling between zones 4 and 7 for example would pay £19.60 a day using Oyster. On Contactless this would only cost £29.40 for a whole week meaning savings of £107.80 over Oyster if they were to hit the daily cap for a whole week. For those only commuting Monday to Friday, the saving on Contactless would still be £68.60."

"A zone 1-6 commuter who hits the peak-time daily cap would save £53.40 per week by switching from Oyster to Contactless."

TfL’s guide to fares says the daily peak Oyster fare is capped at £19.60, yet if you travel at the weekend it's capped at £11.60. Basically making a weekly cost of £121.20.

The weekly Contactless fare is £29.40, which may not quite be the £107 that Labour are banging on about, but still a significant saving.

However, it all depends on where you're at London-wise, as a weekly Zone 1-3 travelcard is £36.80, whereas Contactless doing the same would work out as £42.40.

It's a wonder anyone manages to live in London at all.

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