O'Leary sells the shirt off his back to flog Ryanair routes

After getting the arse with Stansted last month, Ryanair has announced it will now set up a major base at Leeds-Bradford Airport. The budget-budget airline already operates four routes out of West Yorkshire, but this will increase to 17 routes from next year.

The news of 1,000 new jobs for the region and increased choice for travellers aside, Sky Marshall O'Leary's appearance on BBC News is perhaps a textbook example of ultimate, unbridled, unashamed, no-nonsense whoring. Count how many times O'Leary slips in a sales message or positioning statement. Then stare at that shirt. Just stare at it. It hasn't been added digitally, he's actually wearing it. No, he really is:

Yes, it is a news bulletin, no it's not a three minute promotional video for the good Sky Marshall. We're off to buy hats so we can doff them at O'Leary. Despite being his fiercest critics, there's a reason why Ryanair continues to prosper, regardless of whether it proves more expensive than British Airways on occasion.



  • Pizza_D_Action
    I bet that shirt smells too.... there's no way the sweaty little Irish leprechaun wears deodorant... he's too tight for that.
  • Kris
    The presenter actually said something along the lines of "Thanks to you, Michael O'Leary, and your shirt." which gave me a nice morning chuckle :)
  • Santa C.
    LEPRECHAUN!!!, surely this would be classed as a racist comment, Pizza???
  • test i.
    Who cares, fuck the southerners more flights for us yorkshire men! champion!
  • Jack
    Ha, I saw this earlier on TV and thought.....priceless, I hope this is on Bitterwallet later!!
  • Bill
    Ha Ha! I bet he would never sleep if he found out that you lot were his 'fiercest critics'.
  • Dan M.
    O'Leary does this all the time with 'new' regional bases for (media) & aircraft!! Come back in 3-5 months time, and of the above (T-shirt) destinations 'will not be bookable' without reservation..period!!
  • Me
    Pikeyair more like. Soon you'll have to pay to book, as well as pay to check in, take a bag, a pee, etc. If there's an emergency you'll probably have to pay at the door to get off!
  • The M.
    If there was a crime for being a twat then this guy would get 10 life sentences (probably suspended for a week under the current labour tossers)
  • Martha F.
    On the back of his shirt, is a list of 17 new ways to charge you more.
  • Trevor P.
    Agree the man is pretty unpleasant, but those of us who earn our living from Leeds Bradford Airport Parking any new services are welcome.
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