Now you can only make a fee-free Ryanair booking... with a special Ryanair card

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane livery To their credit, it’s been a while since Ryanair have done anything that has outraged most right-thinking people – in fact we were beginning to forget that they even existed.

All that has changed though with the news that their changing the rules again when it comes to letting passengers pay the advertised price of flights. As you may know, Ryanair currently charges customers £6 each way just to be able to pay by debit or credit card. The one exception was a pre-paid Mastercard, allowing them not to include the £6 fee as part of the advertised price. Previously, the airline accepted Electron cards as a fee-free payment method, before reverting to pre-paid Mastercard only.

From 1st November, the only pre-paid Mastercard that Ryanair will accept without adding on a charge will be... their own! The Ryanair Cash Passport will be available from 4th October

Of course, all of this comes in the middle of the Office of Fair Trading promising to sort out the slimy practice of misleading and excessive card surcharges, following an ubercomplaint from our good friends at Which! It’s almost as if Sky Captain Michael O’Leary is deliberately cocking his snook at the OFT and Which!

There has been no official comment from the Sky Captain himself, but his close friend at the airline, Stephen McNamara said: “Ryanair's £6 admin fee will not apply to any bookings made with Ryanair Cash Passport and there are no transaction charges for using the card at UK merchants until 31 March 2012, so we recommend that UK passengers make the switch to Ryanair Cash Passport as soon as possible.”

We’re expecting the next development being the revelation that you can only get a Ryanair Cash Passport from a secret location by solving a set of complex riddles that act as clues to its whereabouts...


  • Gunn
    Did I read somewhere you only get vouchers in return not actually avoiding the payment
  • Marky M.
    It's ¿Which?
  • ryanflair
    Can't believe that MOL hadn't positioned Ryanair into the credit card market before... Expect double digit APRs, no refunds EVER, some BS Ryanair miles scheme and your personal credit details sold on to the highest bidder, free junk mail for life...the list goes on and on! Think of the worst store card possible and double it...
  • Dick
    This is serious. When did he get demoted from Sky Marshall to just a Sky Captain?
  • kv
    @ ryanflair something like this?
  • Mark C.
    No, 'they're' changing the rules again.
  • Simon
    There is a very good reason to not fly ryanair - they are and serious accident waiting to happen Take your life in your hands - it will only be a matter of time before a plane gets written offs with their culture of treating staff. I am seen several incidents... Anyone who books ryanair is feeding this monster
  • thefunboi
    @ryanflair - Its a prepaid Mastercard you wally. Theres no APR. @Simon - Ryanair have the youngest fleet of aircraft in the world. @the impending "You clearly work for Ryanair" accusations, I dont. @skymarshall O'Leary, Id love to.
  • Turquoise
    Glad I didn't bother to get a pre-paid Mastercard then! It's OK saying don't use Ryanair, but if it's the only airline which goes where you want from your nearest airport it is unrealistic to suggest flying with another company. I use them quite a lot and have learned to watch out for their extras and avoid them wherever possible - never take hold luggage, buy food or drink on board etc. Of course it's a nuisance but the only bit which really pisses me off is having to pay extra to check in on line, using your own computer and printer for the boarding pass. They are not the only company which is adding these essentials as extras now though and the sooner it is stopped the better for all of us.
  • ninsim
    I'd rather walk. Meantime O'Leary has his leprechauns working out more ways to hide the true costs of flying Ryanair. Weighing and charging for 'hand luggage' is definite possibility. Perhaps a 'safety' surcharge to pay for the flight crew? Nonetheless Michael O'Leary has a brilliant grasp on how to turn negative reporting into free publicity. I almost admire him but I would never use his airline.
  • kladionice
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