Now you can give easyJet the bird on Twitter

Twitter: user-defined social media infrastructure, or a lot of pointless faddish cock? The jury may be out to lunch as far as you're concerned, but there are some folk using it to try and help you.

Although Twitter didn't hit the mainstream until two or three months ago, it's been used by some savvy companies for a year or two. A key strength of Twitter is that it's personal and consistent, and it allows customers to interact with an individual, rather than some faceless call centre worker. It doesn't mean your problem will be addressed any quicker, but you've at least got a chance to directly contacting somebody who gives a damn.

Some of the first businesses to open up customer services on Twitter included Comcast and JetBlue in the US, and now easyJet has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Say hello to Paul Hopkins - he's the brave soul who's taken on the task of answering questions posed online. He tends to spend half his time apologising for baggage-related rules and fees, but the rest of it is spent helping cutomers resolve issues they're having with booking flights and the like:

One point to pick up from Hopkins' Twitter page - easyJet are getting tough on oversized cabin luggage, and are starting to enforce use of the bag gauges, no doubt keen to squeeze every last penny out of customers for checked luggage. At least you know before you go, thanks to Twitter. The bird is indeed the word.


  • Joseph P.
    This is another great benefit to customers of Easyjet. Easyjet are by far in a way the best low cost airline in the UK. I fly many times on business each year and the customer service is always great. Ryanair and BMIbaby however leave a lot to be desired. Regarding the "squeeze every last penny out of customers" comment above, the hand luggage size is a legal requirement, and currently the lax rules on handluggage is sexist against men, as women are always allowed two bags; their regular handbag plus handluggage...
  • Gus
    Ryanair is also planning to be on Twitter. you post a message and then text a number (£1.50) per text and then they will reply your post.
  • Song B.
    Oi Stelios, does this looks like
  • Single F.
    I travelled from Heathrow with British Airways and they made me put my handbag inside my 1 piece of hand luggage. So no extra allowances there to be accused of sex discrimination. Do the budget airlines have different rules?
  • Jill
    Shock horror, budget airline has charges. Will people please stop moaning about things like this in BUDGET (the clue is in the name) airlines. Yes, you may get better service from BA, yes BA may be more lenient with luggage, but BA also charge a lot more. If you want top service, you have to pay for it.
  • Single F.
    Anyone know what Jill is talking about? I saw no one complaining about costs/luggage allowances. I think the gist of the article is being kept up to date with the stringency of enforcement of the above. As a BA passenger I made the comment that BA is enforcing the same rule re cabin baggage.
  • Lumoruk
    "# @bitterwallet thanks for the blog post. We look forward to helping our customers with their problems.about 12 hours ago from web in reply to bitterwallet"
  • from_me
    last time I went on an EasyJet flight it took over 20 mins to get all the over sized hand lugguage inside the plane as there wasn't enough room in the over head lockers. It was a joke and the cabin stewards were very pissed off...
  • Messagescale
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  • Martin F.
    EasyJet should be rebranded to Lemon Airline “guaranteed to leave a sour taste in your mouth “ Let me explain what happened and has leaded me to make the above statement. On the 18th December 2009 my friend was book on a flight from Luton London Airport to Belfast. This flight was cancelled fine I accept you have no control over the weather. She was told to book another flight which she did for later that evening I think it was flight 169. Anyway she waited the whole day at the airport just in case there was an update. Please also note that quite a few times during the course of the day your staff abandoned the EasyJet counter on a number of occasions. This can be simple confirm by checking the log in and out on the terminal servers at that point (The joys of working for an IT company you know about these things). 2 hours before the flight none of your staff or agents were either at the baggage check in or were at your EasyJet counter. Needless to say that when the EasyJet counter was opened we and 14 other people were informed that it was too late and that the pilot refused to wait to load the bags and the plane left with out my friend or the 14 other passengers. Your staff then informed everyone that they need to get on the internet to sort out another booking. Now I need to stop you here surly it was your staff or agents that screwed up why must the customer fix the screw up. By the way you are still responsible for the actions of your agent no contract or action will resolve you of this. On the 19th December 2009 at 8am we returned back to Luton London Airport and stood again in the cue. Eventually We managed to get to speak to your so called agent / staff member Amanda Noo (Something) lady with a lot of attitude and black hair with glasses. She should never have been in a client facing position as she doesn’t have the skills to deal with people. Especially your customers who pay money. Anyway it was explained to her in detail as to what had transpired the day before. She claims she was unaware of what had occurred. I find this very had to believe. She called the so called manager via a mobile phone in the back office and he or she must have brought her up to speed. She returned back to the counter and informed us that she was doing us a big favour and would put my friend on a flight on the 24th December 2009. At this point it was just to much for my friend who broke down in tears. At this point and Amanda will remember me I muttered that We were in a 3rd world country ( How did I come to this conclusion simple (1) Your website was not updated timelessly and didn’t match the Luton London Airport. (2) Staff not on your counter. (3) Customers who by the way you need to remember pay money into your company which allows you to continue to trade not been timelessly updated. (4) Your staff / agent are unable to advise your customers of what was happening. (5) No management staff on hand to back up your staff or Agents with information. In fact I challenge you to travel to South Africa which according to the world is a 3rd world country and find the same amount of incompetency. The public would not tolerate it. Needless to say your staff member or Agent declined to assist us any further and I at that point immediately apologised she was not interested and instructed all staff to no longer assist us and while I was talking to her she walked away (Once again sign of someone who is unable to deal with a member of the public) not willing to understand the frustration and the trauma that we had gone through or the expense. Eventually and hour and a half later we were able to get my friend booked on a flight. My friend who by the way is Miss Christine Mcleod eventually caught a train to HollyHead and caught a boat across to Ireland. I would also like to point out she is from South Africa and is going to be returning back to South Africa with a mind set that EasyJet are totally useless as a Airline. I am sure this is not something that you want. As they say you can spend a heap of money on good advertising and it only takes one unhappy customer to trash that effort. I would like to point out that I had to travel back and forwards to the Airport in total 56 miles who going pay for that cost wear and tear and petrol? Parking costs in total £15-00 at Luton Airport who is going to pay that cost? 6 hours of my time which I could have being doing business, who is going to pay for that time? Then there is the cost on your clip joint telephone line which is never answered as it was flooded by calls. I wonder if your company is and ISO reg company if so you need to relook at how things are done as you failed on so many levels. I also wonder do you have a business continuity plan? If you do no one implemented it or if they did the staff or agents didn’t know what to do. Here is hoping you have a great Xmas and let’s hope you do not ruin anyone else day! Please get some professionally trained staff who at least can deal with customers in a manner which leaves the customer with a feeling of being loved not screwed. In fact if you take a walk over to Ryan air counter. You will immediately see a difference from the cowboys you employ. Plus interesting they have a little sign which actually reflects everything that we went through while doing business with your company. I think you would agree that’s very interesting! Regards Martin Fox

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