Now T-Mobile adjust their roaming charges...

18 June 2012


T-Mobile have become the latest mobile provider to stop using a phone abroad from being as potentially expensive as paying for back-street liposuction. They’ve brought in a new, capped mobile data plan for those of you who can still actually afford to travel anywhere beyond the end of your own street.

O2, Vodafone and Three have recently brought in similar revised plans, but T-Mobile’s have decided to make theirs more plentiful and complicated, covering the entire globe with their new ‘price plans’.

If you’re a T-Mobile user, you can get 3MB of data in the EU for only £1.00 but be warned, as the same amount of data will set you back £25 in places like Cuba and Brazil.

Back to Europe – if you’re going to pay £1.00 for 3MB, you might as well fork out £2.50 and get 10MB, or £10 for 50MB. The service is available to PAYG customers as well, with slightly different tariffs on offer. The new way of doing things begins tomorrow (Tuesday).

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