Now split fare rail tickets are easier to get. A bit.

10 May 2012

Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 09.55.23 We all like saving money, yeah? Well if you don’t, you’re probably looking at the wrong website right now. Of course, as with anything, saving money is even easier when you enroll an expert to help you. Someone like the Money Saving Expert, better known to his family and close friends as Martin Lewis.

Martin’s seemingly got a bee in his beautiful bonnet about expensive rail fares and has been hard at work in his shed, fashioning an online ‘tool’ and iPhone ‘app’ that could help us all save £££s as we scamper around the nation’s rail network in those big iron snakes.

Those of you in the know are probably aware that sometimes there are many £££s to be saved if you split your ticket purchase across the journey, taking advantage of cheaper fares and saver deals and suchlike. Henceforth, Martin presents ‘Tickety Split’!

It’s not a fully-formed beast yet and can only help you with on-the-day, walk-on tickets. Also, it only finds one split per journey so there could be even greater savings to be made if you do some more research yourself. But with our first attempt using it, we found a journey from Newcastle to London that was slashed in price from £116.20 to only £84.00. So, BOOM then. And THANKS MARTIN!

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  • Sawyer
    Strange, I searched for a similar journey from Durham to London and saved only 25p. Although with it being late in the day - and only able to search for trains that day - it could be that my options were pretty limited, much like the app...
  • Inspector G.
    My favourite money saving expert is the bow-tie wearing black American Alvin Hall, not that media-courting affiliate site owning tightarse.
  • Gwapenut
    I imagine tightarse is not a term that would accurately describe Mr Hall

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