Now speed cameras are watching you from outer space


If you’re a whizz-headed motorist who enjoys breaking the speed limit when you’re sure there are no cameras around, your days of thunder could soon be over for good.

Wired are reporting that the Home Office have been trialling a new type of satellite-based speed camera system that will spy on you from outer space and slap a ticket on you if it sees you breaking the limit. As far as we know, Jeremy Clarkson has yet to comment – possibly because he is still speechless with rage.

It’s called SpeedSpike and has been tested in Southwark, London and on the A374 between Antony and Torpoint in Cornwall. It supposedly works using a combination of registration-number-reading cameras and GPS information that works out the average speed of a vehicle between two points.

In essence, the system is similar to the average-speed systems that are increasingly prevalent as part of major roadworks, but sneakily invisible. The Home Office are refusing to comment on it all, but don’t let that stop you all from pitching in with your views…


  • Mr G.
    I suspect they won't, strictly speaking, be "watching" from space. Any cameras involved will be ground-based, numberplate-recognising bastards as used in average speed traps around mway roadworks now. By networking these they can calculate your average speed between any two cameras whichever road you're on. Luckily only drug-dealing paedophiles, the police and the emergency services ever speed. On, and footballers. We law-abiding citizens will be fine as the system will never screw up.
  • mistersmee
    Got a few points on one's licence, have we Mr Greggles? ;-) The average speed systems seem to work quite well at slowing people down in my experience.
  • Tomass
    Why do they need to waste money on this shit? Soon the potholes will stop you gaining any sort of speed!
  • Nobby
    It would be better if they just micro-chipped everyone with a GPS. That way, they could spy on us in a more effective way. Not only would they know that a car is speeding, they would also know who is in it. They would also be able to report to you how far you have walked, just like those statistics they put up during football matches. And tell you how long you take in the toilet, information which is clearly lacking in football matches.
  • MrRobin
    I'm probably going to get shot down here for this comment but I think this is a good thing. As someone who's had a near death experience owing to a tosser driver speeding down a residential road, I'm all for more controls for prevention over the people who think they can get away with or think it is cool to drive dangerously.
  • Lumoruk
    GPS jammer anyone?
  • Fatal E.
    MrRobin, this wont make your area any more safe. They put these on places where people speed, not where it would improve safety. There's big difference between going 80 on a motorway and going 50 in a residential zone. This wouldn't stop the latter.
  • cubed
    When will this godforsaken retarded country shove itself up its own ass and blow up?
  • TG
    I wish this country would focus this much attention on other crimes, you know the more severe ones that the police don't seem to even show up for, not just risk factors by going over the speed limit which MIGHT cause an accident..
  • me
    well piss off then cubed
  • IF
    Saying the country should focus on other crimes, maybe there'll be more time to if the police have to spend less time manually pulling over speeding motorists and / or scraping them and their victims off the tarmac...?
  • MrRobin
    @Fatal Exception... But stopping people speeding would improve safety! The article states the SpeedSpike has been tested in Southwark, London, which is a very densely populated area so I assume this is targetting the 50mph-ers in 30 zones, rather than the 80mph-ers on the motorway.
  • Skymarshall
    Will they catch speeding bloody motorcycles finally?
  • Angry M.
    In Response to MrRobin and IF, don’t tell me you have never broken the speed limit. As said earlier I agree with cameras in residential areas, schools high street etc. But MWays and Dual carriageways just a money making scheme picking on the easy target the motorist again.
  • disconotatall
    this country is turning into something george orwell would be proud of, and dont give me that "if you have nothing to hide bollocks", this and many other schemes are infingements on our liberties, the time is now right to choose a government that should stop all this money wasting, its a pity all the parties are the same old shit, how about we stick it to the "man" and start our own, have you noticed nearly everyone in politics is a fat bastard? wonder why that is? becasue they are too fucking greedy!! up the revolution I say, although my comments are badly written and with poor grammarm perhaps I should have a job on BW :)
  • The B.
    Fake plates, GPS jamming, registering your car in Poland and driving around with Polish plates, it all works, failing that, simply don't speed.
  • Honest Q.
    Why do motorcyclists account for 1% of road traffic, yet are involved in 20% of road accidents?
  • Neal
    Ignoring all the rants about speed enforcement in general, I would like to comment ofn the technology, and the crappy way it is presented in the Wired article. "New speed camera system tracks drivers from space" is the headline, and is bollocks. If you search for this system, and read about it, it is basically a standard ANPR journey time measurement on cars. The GPS bit only comes in in that the cameras locate themselves via GPS, making the network of cameras easier to set up. That kind of reporting I would expect from the daily Mail (who I note repaet the story a couple of days later), but Wired is supposed to be technically savvy...
  • Andy B.
  • robstar
    Probably because motorcyclists are more venerable as they are harder to spot and its difficult to judge it speed. People instinctively thing smaller objects are further away and are travelling slower then larger vehicles. But seriously, doesn’t everybody speed? I remember when I first passed my test and never broke the limit. It was the most abuse from other drivers I’d ever had. If you’re in a 30mph road behind someone doing 20/25mph, do you get upset and want to overtake asap?
  • Mr G.
    @mistersmee: Nope, never had a point, on my licence or anywhere else.
  • dude
    With the amount of potholes the roads have and the massive taxes on 4x4 (which as you know eat babies) no one will be able to do anything above 20mph soon anyway..
  • Stop S.
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