Now Lidl start selling bargain motors

Lidl isn’t just about cheap fruit and veg, here-this-week-gone-the-next bargains and strange packets of Italian cakes that you’ve never come across before – now they’re moving into online car sales.

Visit their German website and you could get an Opel Corsa for just under €11,000 (£10,000) or the Volkswagen Cross Polo for €14,000 (£12,800) - a discount of about 25%. With all the small print to study, it obviously helps if you’re fluent in German – and it’s also a shame that they didn’t do it a year ago when the pound was a lot stronger against the euro.

New car sales are up in Germany after the government introduced a scrappage premium of over £2k to be paid out to motorists who scrap cars that are at least nine years old and replace them with new ones. A similar plan has been mooted in the UK, but there are no signs of it springing into life yet.

But if you get Lidl to pack your new car full of exotic German foodstuffs before they ship it, you might just save a few more quid…



  • sam m.
    interesting.....but why the logo?!
  • Andy D.
    German for Lidl innit? No? Oh, I'd better change it then.
  • cheapskate
    Hardly a deal on the Corsa. The same model is cheaper from Vauxhall before you haggle a discount: Corsa 3 Door Hatch, Life, 1.0i 12v (60PS) Twinport, Manual 5-speed £9,570.00 Royal Blue £0.00 Punch - Charcoal £0.00 14-inch steel wheels with 185/70 R 14 low profile tyres £0.00 TOTAL options £0.00 TOTAL accessories £0.00 TOTAL £9,570.00
  • Yas88
    Opel's a better build quality . .
  • zeddy
    @Yas88, The vauxhall comes off the same line as the Opel and is simply badged differently. Corsas are built in the Eisenach plant in Germany.
  • Jeffrey
    Girl at work just haggled vauxhall down to 8k, for that model with air con and alloys :\ What a bargain? Not a bargain.
  • Jeffrey
    PS rofl @ 'Opels being better build quality'
  • kungdu
    i dont get the 'ldil' logo bit? whats the joke?
  • NuttyNettoLovers
    nettos is so much better and thats been shut for 4 years now lidil is shit

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