Now eating crisps doesn't have to grease up your hands/paws/hooves etc

toyf2010_potachi_hand11_m As ever, the Japanese are way ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to dreaming up products that none of us really need until we see them in action, prompting us to stand on the nearest chair and roar: “Yes! Yes, I needs me one of them!” Mmm, that’s what they’re ahead of the rest of the world in.

Now they’ve given us the “Potechi no Te,” which translates as “Potato Chips' Hand.” In case you were wondering, ‘Potechi’ is short for Poteto Chippusu, the Japanese pronunciation of ‘Potato Chips.’ So now you know.

This miraculous hybrid of modern thinking and technology is a grabbing claw-type device that enables you to eat your crisps without the inconvenience of greasing up fingers in the process, which we’re sure you’ll agree would be an enormous boon (and lord knows, we’re always on the look out for enormous boons around here.)

Significantly (and we know you were about to ask us about this) the device is designed so that it doesn’t break the beautiful, delicate crisp whenever you use it. Okay, it might break them if you use it when you’re REALLY angry, but who eats crisps when they’re REALLY angry? It's just not right is it?

The gizmo was launched at the recent 2010 TOY Forum, but there appear to be no immediate plans to bring it to the UK. So stop your pointless dreaming and resign yourself to a continuation of those post-crisp-consumption de-greasing sessions that take up so much of our free time. Ho hum….

[via The Presurfer]


  • The B.
    What about the crumbs at the bottom of the packet?
  • Im m.
    @The Real Bob Apparently in the MkII version the handle cunningly doubles as a straw.
  • Tom
    The wifes looking for one of idea what for. Apparently the flicking action looks good.
  • Gunn
    @ The Real Bob, Just tip the bag down your gob, no need to put your hand in.
  • The B.
    But you could eat the entire bag by tipping it down your gob a bit at a time, thus negating the need for the grabber altogether, not a very well thought out product.
  • sunster
    Far too polite a contraption. The only real way to eat a bag o walkers is to aim to trough them down before your eyes need to blink.

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