Now Branson pioneers the underwater plane

We’re starting to get the feeling that lion-headed pioneer Sir Richard Branson has got a massive problem with terra firma. To date he has he fannied about in balloons, crossed the Atlantic in a coffin, and launched a major airline.

A few months ago the mad bastard revealed a commercial spaceship and now he’s heading down into the water again – the under of the water, or underwater as it is sometimes known.

But unlike his crazy space tourism scheme, the newest of his daft plans is actually affordable – well, sort of. It’s an underwater three-man plane called the Necker Nymph, and you can go for a sub-aquatic spin in it for the rock bottom price of only $25,000.

But check out the small print before you put your name down to clamber into this thing that might well have be designed by Gerry ‘Thunderbirds’ Anderson. In order to get a ticket for the Nymph, you’ll need to be a guest on Necker, Branson’s private island in the er, Virgin Islands, obviously. And a week there will set you back a whopping $300,000.

Oh, and you’ll need to rent out the Necker Belle, the Nymph’s launch ship – that’ll cost you another $88,000. But, as Virgin describe: “Gliding on the water's surface like an aeroplane on a runway, one of the three pilots will operate the joystick to smoothly dive down.” Mmm, sounds sexy.

Looks like Branson has been watching The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and roared “I want one of them!” doesn’t it?


  • Nobby
    underwater plane = submarine
  • Lou
    More a submersible than a submarine, but let's not be pedants.
  • maxtweenie
    No doubt piloted by Troy Tempest. Altogether now, "Marina, Aqua Marina"
  • charitynjw
    Who gets the parachute?

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