Nothing more relaxing than a cruise is there?

Well, until the waters get a bit choppy that is... as they do here on the Pacific Sun cruise liner.



  • Yogi N.
    WTF Is Dis Real?
  • kev
    imagine what it'd be like in the kitchens/dinning area
  • pete d.
  • Lumoruk
    Showing my wife this who gets extremely sea sick before we go on a ferry to Jersey haha
  • Paul C.
    0.48 Woman vs Pillar - knockout.
  • Bill
    Play it with Yakety Sax in the background for maximum lulz.
  • Gaz
    Reminds me of this:
  • Jamie S.
    Funniest thing I've seen this year
  • Nobby
    It's nothing to do with choppy seas, it is the fluctuations in the gravitational field caused by the fat fuck at 0.20.
  • Gunn
    Is the first part not used by 101 ways to leave a game show
  • zleet
    Why did more and more people seem to be appearing as the video went on? Did they think after some fat guy went cartwheeling past it would be a good idea to try to cross the room? I'm surprised we didn't see someone slide past sitting in a chair going 'Weeeeeeeeee!!'.
  • PaulH
    Arn't all boats suppose to have "fixed" furniture?
  • bushbrother
    Wow, funny till they cut to below deck where they showed some un-tethered fork lift truck racing accross the boat, great H&S there! Good job that guy was sensible and got the fuck out of there!
  • susan
    i don't believe it. surely all that gear below in cargo would be strapped down and the tables and chairs in the dining rooms would be rivetted in place also/. if not with ONE nail each enad as i experienced on a boat trip to PHipHI island in Thailand years ago. that is just not possible! where's the standard of safety?
  • Steve
    That is me.
  • Dave a.
    Bloody hell, I remember hearing about this Steve, but never thought I'd see the video !!! PS, the the Idiot Pete D who said this is photoshopped, epic fail !!!
  • Lucy
    Will everyone stops saying that this footage isnt real ! It is, and if you cant accept that then just please dont comment again because it is and my relatives were on that ship as it was happening, so i dont really think it is relevant or neccessary to take the piss because a lot of people were injured. So just think again before commenting please.

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